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The Fairy King: Spooky night

by ThAtGuY101

ThAtGuY101 In this Episode; Axel and his friends celebrate halloween ,and all sorts of things happen. Like any halloween night they have a party, dress up, go tricker treating, and maybe sneak into an abandoned mansion?
"Come on Tanaka! A few more reps, bro! LET'S GOOOOO! Wooooo! No slacking friend. Do it like me!" Axel said. As Axel spoke, he and Tanaka were on the ground. Axel had barely broken a sweat, meanwhile Tanaka was nearly drenched in sweat ,and they were both doing pushups. Tanaka had managed to do 32 pushups ,and Axel managed to do 158 pushups. It was obvious that poor Tanaka was less than in shape. Yet Axel wasn't about to give up on his friend. "Lets see you pull three more reps! Then we can just ran two miles and call it a day!" Axel said.

"If I come back as a ghost type, I'm totally gonna haunt you..." Tanaka said collapsing on the ground. "Come on taaaanaka! You can do it!" Melody said jokingly as she walked in the backyard. After a few minutes of convincing, Tanaka got three more pushups in ,and barely managed to pull off the two mile run. Melody even joined them during the run. Afterwards Tanaka went to change and freshen up.

After everyone agreed to meet up at Cordelia's place, once everyone arrived, Cordelia began escorting her friends to the living room. It was the room they were gonna watch movies in. At this point everyone was wearing a costume. Melody was dressed as Tenkerbell, Tanaka was dressed as Mackey Mouse, Amelia dressed as Pokahontas, Cordelia dressed as Audry ,and Axel dressed as Aladden. Even though they were grown, they still went tricker treating.

The friends decided they would simply go down two streets ,and that was is. The group went down the first street relatively fine. A couple of people made jokes about them being adults tricker treating ,but everything ran smoothly so far. The second street they went down had less houses, and the candy varied. Some gave little ,and some gave a lot. There wasn't much in between on this street. The street ended with a dead end. a long narrow round lead to a house which laid beyond a winding dirt road with many dead trees along the sides of the road. The grass was yellow, the trees had little to no leaves on them ,and there was dead leaves all over the ground as well as branches.

"Hey guys! We should totally check out that house!" Melody said.

"Maybe... I mean... It could be fun" Amelia said.

"What about movie night? It's going to get dark soon" Cordelia said.

"I dunno... It could be dangerous! I know you guys heard the stories! An entire family living there, disappeared there" Tanaka said.

"That's just made up stories Tanaka, don't tell me you actually believe that stuff" Axel said.

"All the more reason to head to my place so we can continue movie night" Cordelia said.

"If its just a story than let's check it out! Nothing bad will happen since it's just stories!" Melody said.

"I'd be willing to check it out, it might be fun" Amelia said.

"Fun? Fun?! Do you hear yourself? There is nothing fun about being attacked by ghosts! We can't defend outselves!" Tanaka taid.

"We have pokémon" Melody said.

"we won't even need our pokémon cause nothing bad will happen!" Axel said.

"There are probably ghosts in that house!" Tanaka said.

"You know where there aren't ghosts? My place, where the movies are" Cordelia said.

"Just a quick peak ,and its back to Cordelia's place. Come on guys!" Melody said.

"Come on guys! Give it a chance! We might have fun!" Amelia said.

"Can we be quick about this?" Axel said.

"Great... breaking in and entering... Totally legal" Cordelia said.

"I'm with Cordelia on this one. Come on guys! Please?!... oh come on! Fine! Just don't leave me here! Wait up!" Tanaka said.

And like that they began heading towards the house. First they would need to be able to get inside the house. A large wall surrounded the house prevented them from gaining entry. Eventually Amelia managed to find a large hole in the wall qith a large rock seemingly covering it up. Upon closer inspection, there were scratch marks on the wall. It must have been something really strong to scratch these stone walls. Did something get in? Get out? Tanaka tried to warm them from entering, but his pleads fell on death ears. The house was dark as expected. THere were some broken windows ,but for the most part there wasn't anything particularly scary about the place. Some of the plants were growing out of hand ,but it could have been worse.

Axel managed to get the back door open through sheer force. They made their way inside. It was dark inside, just as expected. Melody and Tanaka began looking around in a large room on the far left side of the manor. Axel, Amelia ,and Cordelia headed to the right side of the house. Cordelia nearly freaked out when she saw a little boy in the house. The boy was wearing a formal attire.

"excuse me, I need to find my mother. He's coming for us. You shouldn't be here. He's coming. He always comes. I think I can hear his footsteps. Mom! Mother! Where are you!" The went on. "What?! Where? Is your mother here? What are you guys doing here?" Amelia said. The boy didn't answer her questions. They followed the boy who began walking upstairs. They went inside a small children's bedroom. The room looked old, and everything was dusty. However nothing was broken. It was as if someone simply stopped cleaning the room.

Meanwhile, Tanaka and Melody were heading into a dining room ,and saw a light coming from a doorway leading into another room. Tanaka sent out his slowbro ,and Melody sent out her plusle and minun. They headed towards the light ,but upon entering the room, there was no light there. There was however a light coming from the very next room. It was as if the light just switched rooms. Tanaka and Melody exchanged looks and eventually decided not to head into that room. Melody felt a tug against her hair as they went back to the dining room. When she turned there was nothing there which made her even more nervous, which made Tanaka very concerned. They both agreed to find the others and leave.

Meanwhile... As Axel and the others followed the boy, he went into another room ,but as soon as they followed, they saw him sitting on the bed rolling a ball on the ground with his foot. Back and forth, he moved it around. "He's here" The boy said. "Axel! Cordelia! Amelia!" Tanaka and Melody repeatedly called out.

Meanwhile... As Tanaka and Melody were looking for Axel and the others, they saw a peculiar family photo. A woman, two teenage girls that appeared to be twins, a little boy ,and a man. The man's face in the picture was very blurry ,and they couldn't make out the details. Eventually they met up ,and decided to leave the house. Before they left the house, they noticed the front door was open ,and they heard a man's voice, "I'm home" The man's voice said in a gruff tone. None of them knew what to make of the person being there ,but they didn't stick around to find out. Cordelia looked back and saw a misdreavus in the second floor window grinning at her. They left throw the hole, and Tanaka was nearly stuck. He screamed ,and yelled about how he felt something on his ankle. Though they managed to get him out. They moved the rock back ,and covered it with dirt.

Upon going home, they agreed not to talk about the experience. As they walked back home, Tanaka lifted his pants leg revealing a red hand print that looked like it came from an adult, on his ankle. They weren't sure what to think about it ,but ended up enjoying movie night. They watched The Halloween town, Haunted Mansion ,and Pocus Hocus. All and all. The ended up enjoying their night ,and overall. Cordelia had snacks ,and despite their trip to the manor, nothing bad followed them back.

The three movies they watched are a reference to;...
The Haunted Mansion.
Hocus Pocus