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The Fairy King: Part 1: Movie Night

by ThAtGuY101

ThAtGuY101 This is the story about a fairy type specialist ,and body builder named Axel King. Axel King is the youngest of three kids in his family but because of his body building, he's the biggest. Axel had moved out of his family's home two years prior to the start of the story ,and was now on his own doing his thing. Along the way he had made all sorts of friends ,and this story is about his day to day life;
Before I start telling the story lets talk about Axel's family. Axel is the youngest child of three. Making him the baby of the family and his momma's little man.

Axel's father is a strong burly man named Phoenix King. Phoenix is a veteran, who fought in two wars. After getting out of the service Phoenix became a cowboy. He owned a large ranch with acres of farmland and herds of cattle. Phoenix quickly became very successful in his line of work.

Axel's mother is a woman named Matz King. Matz is somewhat short biker woman ,but don't let her short size or friendly smile fool you. She's as tough and mean as they come. She spent years on the road traveling and getting into bar fights before she met the love of her life, Phoenix King.

Axel's older brother is Titus King. Titus is the oldest of the three children. Titus is a tough hard working construction worker. Despite being the chief construction officer he enjoys doing manual labor with his fellow workers.

Axel's sister is a woman named Marlow. She's the middle child ,and grew up to become a police officer. Much like her mother Marlow is short ,but just as tough as her brothers ,and can handle herself well in a fight.

Lastly is Axel King himself. The youngest child ,and the baby of the family. Axel grew up to become a body builder ,and fitness coach for a living. Despite being the youngest, Axel is also the biggest. Standing at almost an entire foot above his father. Phoenix is 6'4 ft. Matz is 5'2 ft. Titus is 6'2 ft. Marlow is 5'4 ft. and Axel is 7'2 ft. (Phoenix is 50, Matz is 48, Titus is 26, Marlow is 25 ,and Axel is 24)

Let's also talk about Axel's pokémon for a second too;
Axel's Ace is a shiny grimmsnarl named Gram. Gram is overconfident, egotistical ,but has a soft side as he cares deeply for his trainer and his friends.
Axel's other pokémon are mimikyu named Muki. Muki is childish and a prankster and can sometimes get carried away.
A mawile named Mel. Mel is a snide, sarcastic ,and rarely acts serious.
A granbull named Brulla. Brulla is an easily irritated pokémon that tries to act tough ,but also likes to be given sweet treats.
A galarian weezing named Ginz. Ginz is a calm, laid back ,and easily excited pokémon.
lastly is a mr. mime named Rime. Rime is cheerful, energetic ,and loves to be the center of attention.

The story begins in the local gym. A large two story building. Upon entering the building you were met with a friendly receptionist counter ,and all sorts of pictures of gym members and their family's covered the walls. Before and after pictures. family vacation photos. Pokémon photos ,and just about whatever photo you could think of. There were also blackboards with lists of dates and events scheduled. The events on the blackboards ranged from camping trips, to power lifting tournaments, to dance class schedules ,and gym schedules. The gym also provided a once a week barbecue cookout where people come out and compete in making all sorts of healthy food and treats. The winner might get anything from a month free membership to cash money prize ,or other fun prizes.

Beyond the counter were various rooms where various people would have fitness/workout/martial arts classes and private events/seminars. As well as large changing/dressing rooms and shower rooms. Downstairs was a large pool where a lot of people would come and exercise or just enjoy a cool relaxing swim. Upstairs on the second floor was where you could find many of the gym goers at. All sorts of people from Body builders, new years resolution members ,and even a couple old folk every now and then would come and work out.

Loud grunts and groans could be heard on the second floor. All sorts of weights could be heard smacking the ground ,and other heavy exercise equipment in use. On the bench press was a large 7'2 man. He had tan skin, mint green eyes, shoulder length bright blonde hair that he combed back neatly ,and a very muscular frame. He was shirtless revealing his large muscles ,and had on a pair of bright blue short with plain white socks ,and running shoes. He was bench pressing 366 pounds ,and going strong, "Come on Axel! Just a couple more reps! Lets do this!" The man behind him yelled. As soon as Axel finished he slammed the weights behind him onto the rack, He jumped up and began to flex his large muscles ,"LET'S DO THIS, GUYS, COME ON! WHO'S NEXT!?!?!?" Axel roared in a macho voice. "Griiiiim!" Gram cheered as he stood nearby watching.
Axel threw his threw his towl over his shoulder and stood behind the weights to spot the person in front of him ,and as he looked around he spotted a somewhat nervous fat boy ,and a small lady standing by the stairway looking around nervously. He recognized them instantly as his friends from movie night. "Hey Paul! Can you spot Dave while I check something out real quick? Thanks bro!" Axel said excitedly before walking over to them. His loud steps could be heard as he walked over to them, "Come on Gram!" Axel said. "Griiiim" Gram responded.

The average person would be terrified if a large man of Axel's size approached them ,but not these two as they knew Axel was too kind of a person to cause them any harm. The fat boy was a somewhat slobbish boy who had a bowl cut black hair, very tan skin, dark brown eyes, a goofy grin ,and a somewhat overweight build. He wore a green and blue sweater with an eevee on it that his mother made for him. His sweater had several stains on it. He wore a pair of bright purple jogging pants ,and wore a pair of green socks and kecleon crocs. He stood at 5'8 ft, 22 years old ,and his name was Tanaka. Tanaka had a slowbro ,and a quagsire.

The girl was a pale redheaded girl with long red hair in pigtails. She had baby blue eyes ,and wore the most innocent looking smile in the room. She was wearing a bright pink dress with purple leggings underneath, bright red sandals ,and had a gold bracelet her grandmother gave her which had a carving of xerneas in the center of a large rainbow colored jewel on the front of her bracelet. She stood at 4'10 ft , 27 years old ,and her name was Melody. Melody had a plusle and a minun.

"Uuuugh... Axel? How much longer are you gonna be here? Some of the guys are making me a little nervous. I'm pretty sure that guy over there wants to kick my ash. I don't really wanna die today, Axel" Tanaka said nervously. Some of the guys in the gym were glaring at poor Tanaka with looks of disgust ,and confusion. Melody on the other hand had several received grins from several of the guys as well as scowls from some of the girls. "It's movie night remember! Movie night is going to start in just two hours! You gotta be there! You just gotta!" Melody said angrily. "Yeah sure thing! Just let me shower and change real quick! gimme five minutes!" Axel said heading downstairs. Gram waited outside the changing room standing there ever patiently.

After he showered and changed, he looked at himself in the mirror. He was now wearing black shorts with red roses on them, a purple tank top with red letters which read, ' ROCK HARD'. He also wore bright pink socks with red running shoes, a silver watch ,and a sharpedo tooth necklace.

Axel, tanaka ,and Melody arrived at Axel's house which was about two miles away from the gym. Axel lived in Slateport City, by the way. Movie night was at Axel's house this week ,and it looks like his two other friends had already arrived at Axel's house already.

A tall slender woman with long purple hair, purple eyes, lightly complected skin ,and a somewhat reserved expression. She stood at 5'11 ft , 26 years old ,and her name was Cordelia.
Cordelia wore a plain white t-shirt with a maroon cardigan, a black skirt with luxury balls on it ,and maroon golf shoes. Cordelia had a liepard and a alolan persian.

The other person was a girl with short hair which curved just below her jawline. She had pink eyes, dark skin, and a somewhat goofy grin. She was 5'5 ft, 20 years old ,and her name was Amelia. Amelia wore a red and blue striped shirt with short overalls. She had white legging underneath ,and a pair of pink flip flops with a yellow flower on them. Amelia had a cinccino, audino, slakoth ,dunsparce ,and komala.

The two greeted them as they arrived, "The movie is supposed to begin in 23 minutes, do we still have time to get snacks ready?" Cordelia asked crossing her arms, "We always got time for snacks! Come on, unlock the door so we can go inside!" Amelia said cheerfully. Axel excitedly walked over ,and unlocked the door.

With five minutes to spare, Axel managed to get snacks and drinks for everyone. The movie was now about to start. The lights were off ,the door cracks were covered ,and there were no windows in the movie room to create light. Thus making the only light in the room the projector in the back of the room which started to play the movie. They were watching 'The vulpix and the houndour' (a reference to 'The fox and the hound')

Axel began balling his eyes out ,and crying in a fairly high pitched almost feminine voice when the old lady had to leave the vulpix in the woods. His friends were all used to his high pitched voice ,but then he wrapped his muscle-bound arms around his friends squeezing them all so tightly. It was a painful two minutes of the movie ,but everyone seemed to be enjoying the movie so far.

As soon as the movie was over everyone seemed to enjoy talking about it, "We can have movie night at my place next time, right guys? Right?" Tanaka said nervously. Axel grinned, "Total-" Axel commented before being interrupted, "You should really clean your place first. I'm not sitting on that dirty couch again. Last time there was something sticky on the couch ,and I'm not sure what it was" Cordelia said. "Don't worry! I'm sure it will be fine... I'm sure Tanaka managed to clean his place up, right?" Amelia said. "Tanaka... You know we mean well cause we're your friends ,but you really need to clean your place, man. When was the last time you washed your shirt? Clean you place. Wash your clothes, take a bath ,and maybe take a breath mint, dog. Then we can watch movie night at your place. I'm only saying this cause I care about you, as a friend!" Melody said trying not to get mad. "I guess..." Tanaka said looking down at his dirty shirt. "that's the spirit!" Axel said lifting up his hand for a high five to which Tanaka happily accepted. Axel smacked poor tanaka's hand so hard it made a loud pop sound, "HHHRRRRRMMMMMMMMMMM!!' Tanaka muttered trying to hold in his scream as he held his hand in pain. Despite this, Tanaka had full intentions in cleaning his place now.

Axel leaned back and began thinking about his plans for tomorrow. Axel was supposed to be heading to Rustburo City tomorrow for a power lifting meetup. His friends eventually left ,and he was now alone, just him and his pokémon. He ate dinner ,and got ready for bed early that night.
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  1. ThAtGuY101
    Thanks, I'm glad you liked it.
    Aug 24, 2020
  2. Novalune
    Thank you so much for submitting, and sharing this compelling story. I personally enjoyed reading this first part of your story. As a reader, I am so thrilled that you had introduced a lot of different characters. I found that by having multiple characters in your story, it truly helped make your story more fascinating to read.
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