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The Fairy King

by ThAtGuY101

  • ThAtGuY101

    Part 1: Movie Night by ThAtGuY101

    This is the story about a fairy type specialist ,and body builder named Axel King. Axel King is the youngest of three kids in his family but because of his body building, he's the biggest. Axel had moved out of his family's home two years prior to the start of the story ,and was now on his own doing his thing. Along the way he had made all sorts of friends ,and this story is about his day to day life;

    Aug 24, 2020 1,978 words 1 Like
  • ThAtGuY101

    Spooky night by ThAtGuY101

    In this Episode; Axel and his friends celebrate halloween ,and all sorts of things happen. Like any halloween night they have a party, dress up, go tricker treating, and maybe sneak into an abandoned mansion?

    Oct 6, 2020 1,373 words