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Six Feet Under: Six Feet Under [Part 3]

by Parz_Official

Parz_Official Finally onto the actual story.
A knocking sound could be heard on the door of the cellar of the police station. 5 officers jumped at the sound, as it has been at least a month since the outbreak has occurred, and they all thought everybody was dead. "Should i answer it?" one of the officers said. "Sure, but take a gun with you, just in case its a zombie" Another replied. "No, i shouldn't take an ax because a gun would bring too much attention." The officer grabbed the ax off of a rack full of sharp weapons and guns. He slowly walked over and opened the door to reveal an infected with half its body missing. The officer quickly slammed the sharp end of the ax into it's head. the officer closed the cellar as soon as he knew the infected was dead. they were all in shock as they haven't seen any infected try to get in, and they soon started to worry. The first and second floors were overrun, and they knew they had to get out. They started to form a plan to try and find out how to get out, when a radio they didn't even know was there started talking. "Hello? This is Lance, Headed towards Atlanta, broadcast from highway I-485. My GPS is down i have no information on where my specific location is, Again, i am broadcasting from I-485. Over" The radio stopped. The officer picked up the microphone piece and spoke into it. "This is officer Maloy of Atlanta police station, Do not head over here, I repeat, DO NOT HEAD OVER HERE.". No response. Maloy just stood there, over the radio, hoping Lance had heard him...