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Six Feet Under: 6 Feet Deep [Part 4]

by Parz_Official

Parz_Official Every 2 weeks, on Sunday, around 6:00-8:00 PM Eastern Standard Time... Also did i tell you that ive been trying to make this seem like it is also seem like its in the walking dead universe but im trying to make a few connections but overall trying to stay away from the actual show's story.
"We need to warn them about the horde of infected that lives here" Said Officer Jarryd. "But we cant get out of the basement since the top floors are flooded with the infected.". "Then we take it by force. Jarryd, Micheal, Go grab the guns, Henry, Maloy, Grab the bag of our melee weapons, I will rush out, Hopefully kill a few of the infected myself, and get to the garages, start one of the cars, and we can escape." Jarryd was already grabbing a shotgun right when he finished telling them to get weapons. Micheal soon after grabbed 2 pistols. Henry and Maloy both grabbed axes in one hand and the bag of weapons in the other. It was time. The 2 gunmen kicked the door down, and to no ones surprise, there were a horde of zombies, all headed towards them. They start to fire, to no avail. "Why aren't these harming them?!" Then one finally went down. Jarryd realized how to kill them. "AIM FOR THEIR HEADS!" Henry and Maloy cleared a path for the leader of the group to get to the garage, with Jarryd and Micheal followed behind. They finally got to the garage, but when they went to open it, They discovered its locked. "What do we do now, Reg?" Nobody knew the leaders true name, so they came up with a nickname for him, Reg, and he just seemed to get used to that nickname. Reg yelled "KICK DOWN THE DOOR!" nobody knew who kicked it, but the door fell down, knocked off of its hinges. They ran into the garage, and ran to the closest door. Reg punched the glass, breaking it, setting off the alarm. He got inside, then unlocked all the other doors. Henry rushed inside after decapitating a zombie with his ax. Once everyone was inside, he drove off, tearing a hole into the fragile garage door.