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Six Feet Under: Six Feet Under Part 5

by Parz_Official

Parz_Official Did anyone notice my accidental name change on part 4?
As the car drove through the streets, Jarred was shooting his shotgun at any zombies who got too close. After several minutes, They finally got to the exit of town, and headed on the road, Trying to find the person headed towards the infested town. After an hour or so, they were unable to locate the person, so they just ended up giving up. They drove away from the city, Heading into empty hills, and fields, until they came across a house. Reg stopped the car, and got out. He walked up to the house and knocked on the door. "If anyone is in here, Please open the door!", He said. After waiting, and nobody answering, he looked into the mirror. He say a group of dead zombies on the floor. Reg, Shocked, Walked back to the car. "We need to leave now." He said. The car drove away, and reg refused to say anything. They continued driving, and without finding anything, they drove to a large field surrounded by a forest. "If we cant find shelter, We make one." Henry And Maloy began to chop down trees for wood, to make a fire, and hopefully a few huts, before setting off again to try and find some human civilization.