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Six Feet Under: Six Feet Under [Part 2]

by Parz_Official

Parz_Official [This and part 1 are not canon.]
Mike pushed something big and full of liquid down the basement stairs. When it hit the button, it made a loud grunting noise. "Oops... guess i should have carried it." Mike picked up the object and said "I found your friend!" after putting it in the cell next to the zombie that was in there. As he lit the half melted candle, the object was revealed to be a zombie without any arms or legs. Mike apologized to the zombie for cutting off his arms and legs. "It was hard to get you any other way!" Mike was still standing in the cage, talking about all of their other friends. "Well there was janice, who lived on the second story of a bakery, Surprising how that was the first building on the east side of town to get infected, huh? Then theres Steven, who worked on that farm... He traveled back onto his homeland along with all his other family to "defend themselves". Guess that is like them... Then there is Samantha, she moved on to the big city just a month before the infection... I guess when were all cured we could go and see her." Mike didnt realize the limbless zombie had been slowly inching towards him and bit his finger. "OW!" mike yelled, as he ran out of he cage and locked it. "You really shouldn't do that, or else i might get infected to! and how else are you going to be fed?" Mike asked as he fumbled through his bag, looking for something. Mike eventually pulled out a knife and set it at the base of his bit finger. He looked at the 2 zombies as he cut the finger off. He slowly walked back towards the cage. "I think i just found out what you might like to eat...