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Wraith Of The Pokemon Champions 2 The Johto World!: Chapter 2, Mr. Pokemon's House!

by Sylvious


Also Like For Silver!

Hes not here actually. I tried to troll you because you didn't read the chapter yet *Facepalm*
Jason: Ace!" Ace: What?" Jason: Should we always be by each each other now?" Ace; I Guess. Well you are my best friend." ???: Im going to steal that Pokemon once again."
Jason: What The Heck? Your not going to steal that Pokemon!" *Jason Runs To Him* ???: GET OUT OF THE WAY." Jason: Whatever. Lets go to Route 29!" So Ace And Jason Go To Route 29. Fighting only a couple of Weedles. but didn't catch ANY Pokemon. Then gets to Cherrygrove City. Theres nothing to do because there is no Pokeballs you can buy yet. So Ace And Jason go to Route 30. Going across pointless things, Ace finds a house. So they enter it. Finding a egg. They grab it and they go back to new Bark Town. And Elm Calls. Elm: HELP! SOMEBODY HAS STOLEN A POKEMON!" They ran to New Bark Town but someone stops them. Silver: Im Silver. I Have A Cool Pokemon. Prepare To Get Crushed!!!" Ace And Jason: Well We're The Kanto Champions. So YOU Prepare To Get Crushed!"
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