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Wraith Of The Pokemon Champions 2 The Johto World!: Chapter 1, The Same Series. BUT MORE AWESOME!

by Sylvious

Sylvious Yes lol i did The Johto World because pokemon anime copyright reasons. You know.. Well. New adventures in Johto!
Ace and Jason went off to Johto. Leaving all their Pokemon behind... It was sad. But it had to be done. Jason: Hey Ace! Come here! Its Prof. Elm's Lab! Hey.. whats that guy doing over there, whatever! Lets go in!" Elm: Hello Jason! And who is this fellow?" Jason: Its Ace. My friend in Kanto." Ace: Hi Prof. Elm!" Jason: We left all our Pokemon behind. Can you give us a start?" Elm: Yeah. They are.. Meganium, Typhlosion, and Feraligatr." Jason: Where are the mega stones and bracelets?" Elm: We Don't have those. We're still working on a way to Mega Evolve these Pokemon." Ace And Jason: Cool Pokemon! I Pick Typhlosion! Feraligatr!" Elm: Okay. *laughs* Heres your Pokemon. Now, i have a errand for you to do. Can you go to Mr. Pokemon's House On Route 30?" Jason: Yes. Okay. lets go Ace!"
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