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Wraith Of The Pokemon Champions 2 The Johto World!: Chapter 3, Silver! And a Ratatatatatatttatatatatatatatatatata.

by Sylvious

Sylvious Ratatatatatatatatttattatatatatatataatata.
Ace: I Will Do This One. Otherwise the battle is not fair. Go Typhlosion! Use Ember!" Silver: .......Luck!" Jason: That person who stole the Pokemon..... Silver...." So Ace And Jason go back to Prof. Elm's Lab. Jason: Yes, we know. Silver stole the Pokemon..." Elm: Yes! How did you know?" Ace And Jason: We Just Fought Him. *facepalm* Heres the egg you wanted...?" Elm: Yep. Okay. Bye!" So this is where Ace and Jason part ways. Ready to see each other at the gym. And Jason gave Ace some Pokeballs. Ace goes and catches a Ratatatatatatatatatata. Go Typhlosion! Use Ember! Smokescreen too! Pokeball! Yes! I caught a Ratatta! Ace goes to Route 30 and goes left. Fighting easy trainers that have bug types that Typhlosion can take care of. Then gets through SUPERRR HARRRD Route 31. Getting to Violet City. Ace heals his pokemon. And goes to the Violet Gym!!!! Or not.. The gym is closed. But EXP City is ready to take time off of Ace's mind! Sprout... Tower.....
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