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Before: Zezanna: Chapter 8

by obey_jaidon

As Zezanna was opening her eyes, at first, everything was blurry. But once again, she saw her reflection in the mirror across the bed. She yawned heavily, pushing pillows off the bed as she stretched her front hooves. "Geez...." Zezanna said quietly, getting out of bed. She walked to the mirror, fixing her hair. Then, she went to the bathroom to wash up. As she got out, she noticed the egg on the chair had a huge crack in it. Throwing the towel on the floor, and running to the egg to see if it was okay, it was starting to hatch. Zezanna was excited yet nervous, for the egg to come about. It moved, breaking again. Then, a little yellow snout popped out suddenly, and then the egg fell, shattering. Zezanna was shocked at first, trying to find the little creature. She looked everywhere, but no sign. But then a piece of the egg that was about the size of a book, moved. Zezanna looked at the egg, crouching, and lifted it up slowly. As she lifted it up, the creature became more visible. It was a baby dragon, all yellow, with patterns of silver scales scattered across the body. It had big eyes, one coloured green and the other brown. The wings were bigger than the head, with spikes at the end of the wing bones. It also had gills on the side of the neck, with fins on the back of the neck and feet.

"Aren't you a cutie?" Zezanna squealed, as the baby dragon was looking at her. It sneezed, and it's back fins emerged. It got scared, and looked tired. "Here, let me help you." and Zezanna picked the little guy up, and placed it in her bag. She noticed it was a boy. She grabbed the bag carefully, and started down the hall to find Luna.~