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Before: Ch. 7 Zezanna

by obey_jaidon

She was gleaming in front of the moonlit sky, like a ruler of night, tho she kinda is. "Uh....",Zezanna was shocked. "So...your Princess Luna. Um...your highness." Zezanna bowed down. "Well," Luna chuckled, "There's no need for that. Usually everypony does that, and it doesn't feel right. But probably it's just me. You can call me Luna, if that makes it less unfair." "Ha ha....I'm Zezanna." "Nice to meet you, Zezanna! So, why are you sleeping in a tree again?" "Well, you see. Long story short, I have to find a murderer, or kidnapper, that did something to my parents. But I need my sister's help, and I haven't seen her in a good three years. She was a pain when I was with her after the kidnapping." Zezanna explained. "Oh, well, it was my job to know everypony here, by my sister, Celestia, orders. She thought it was good to learn every subject's name, but it ain't that easy. But I might know, so lay it on me." Luna said. "Her name is Sapphire Spell, a unicorn with blue eyes, pink hair, and white fur." Zezanna answered. Luna's smile turned into a shocking expression. "What's wrong? Do you know the pony?" Zezanna questioned. "Oh no. Your sister is the Blue Mare." Luna said worriedly. "Is that bad?" "OF COURSE IT'S BAD!" Luna yelled. Zezanna was scared that this might just be the beginning of a ruff problem. "Your sister. She's a high level unicorn, that knows a lot of spells. She turned herself into an alicorn, and was threatening my sister and I that she will be the queen of Equestria, and that she was gonna have a magic duel with my sister, that's more into spells than I am. Whoever wins, will be ruler. But we knew that Celestia was gonna win. If your sister wins, Equestria is in bad luck." "We'll just wait till tomorrow, and see who wins. Tell me where's that duel gonna be at, and I'll show up there." Zezanna said. "No, let's go. You can stay at the castle in one of the guest rooms. And I'll have the servants clean you up for tomorrow." And Luna flew to the castle, with Zezanna following her. As they stepped to the castle doors, Zezanna saw the thousands of guards around the castle, and one in the front of the door. "Your highness." The stallion bowed down, and opened the castle doors. Zezanna looked around her surroundings, paintings, armor, and even more guards. "You got the place her, huh?" Zezanna said. "Yea, I guess so." "That's really ni-OWW!" Zezanna had bumped into a stallion. She looked up, and saw a navy blue stallion, with hair that looked like the entrance to space. He had a dying green colour eyes, with armor, that looked like Luna's guard's armor. "I'm terribly sorry!" The guard said, worriedly. "It's ok, I've done worse than bumping into stallions." Zezanna blushed. He smiled, and continued walking. "Who's that?" Zezanna questioned. "That's Obsidian." Luna grinned. "He's one of the new guards that signed up. Anyway, here's your room." Luna opened a huge gold platted door. The room was fairly big, with a dresser, bed, washroom, and more. "Tomorrow I'll wake you up a bit earlier than the duel. Oh, and here's your messenger dragon." Luna grabbed a little baby dragon egg from one of the maids. The egg was gold and silver. "This is a Golden Whimsfer, a very rare species. He'll fly you anywhere, and take you deep underwater. Although he can't do that yet cause he's not hatched out yet. But if he sees you when he hatches, he'll think of you as the mother or something. Basically the master. It'll hatch in a couple of days. I have one, and so does my sis. But you can have one. Just don't tell her I gave it to ya. Anyhow, see you tomorrow!" And Luna started down the hall. Zezanna closed the doors, and put the egg on the bed. "Maybe it'll be nice to have a dragon friend." Zezanna said to herself, and went to sleep.~