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Pokemon Daria's Adventures: The Catch of Today

by JC111414

JC111414 Daria and UK managed to stop the 'Project' from happening and destroying the entire home of many pokemon.
Londien City is right in the corner, as Daria enters to win title of Duchess of Londien.
I continued going on and UK stopped me ahead. "What happened" I said. "See that" UK said. "Sure is a pokemon" I said. I scanned the Pokémon in Dex
The Starling Pokémon
Because they are weak individually, they form groups. However, they bicker if the group grows too big.

"A starly" I said. "Go Monferno use Fire Spin" UK said. Starly got hit and was burned. Starly attack with Wing Attack and Monferno almost fainted. "Monferno use Thunder Punch" UK said as he quickly went and Starly fainted. "Go Pokeball" UK said. The Starly entered the pokeball and moved three times and stayed in. "That's how you catch a pokemon" UK said. "Thanks, I'll try that" I said and UK left. I continued walking and noticed that a pokemon was following me. It was that Electrike. "Hey there, We saved your home, you can go back" I said. "Electrike" He said. "Hmm, do you want to battle" I asked. "Electrike" He said happily. "Ok, Go Treecko" I said sending Treecko out. "Treecko use Vine Whip" I said. Electrike dodge the attack. Electrike used Discharge and almost knockout Treecko. "Treeko, hold on, use Vine Whip again" I said. This time Electrike got caught in the vines. "Treecko use Leech Seed" I said and Electrike got his energy drained fast. "Go pokeball" I said. It move 1,2,3 and was caught. "Yes" I said. "Come on out Electrike" I said. "Electrike" He said happily. "Welcome to the Team" I said and we headed on in the route where I saw two trainers battling. "My if I watch" I said. "No problem" One kid said but he appeared to blush a little. "Come on out too Treecko" I said. They both seem to enjoy themselves. I soon began to walk to the city.
Welcome to Londien City, a city full of exciting things to do. P.S. Please visit the Londien Arena, where trainers hang out to battle for the title of Duke of Londien
"Interesting" I said. I began walking. The city was big and beautiful. It had trainers fighting in different parts of the City and I soon entered the Pokémon Center. "They are all healed up" Nurse said. "Thanks" I said. "Here is the machine to register for the Pokémon League, and over there is to register for the Londien Arena" Nurse said. I went over there and began registering for both the League and Londien Arena. "Here" A voice was heard. It was Prof. Green. "Hey, what's up" I said. "Take this case to store your badges" Prof Green said. "What about Kenta and Hugh" I asked. "I already gave them theirs and they are currently at the Londien Arena" Prof. Green said. "I'll go there soon" I said. "Ok, remember you'll need three pokemon to enter" Prof. Green "Bye" He said. "Bye I said and continued forward...