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Pokemon Daria's Adventures: Londien Showdown

by JC111414

JC111414 Daria is on her way to get a third pokemon and challenge the Londien Arena to earn the title of Duchess of Londien. However she must pass a powerful test against her crush... (I forgot to mention in previous Chapters this is a new region called Yabell).
I left Londien City, east for Route 102. I continued walking and found all sorts of pokemon that made it hard to chose which one to get. I search and search and a pokemon pop up in my face demanding a battle. "Dex, what's that pokemon" I asked.
The Rabbit Pokémon
Its ears are always rolled up. They can be forcefully extended to shatter even a large boulder.

"That's awesome, Go Treecko use Pound" I said. Treecko went head on head with the Buneary. "Ok, Return Treecko, Go Electrike and use Spark" I said. Buneary couldn't handle it. "Go Pokeball" It moved three times but it opened again. "Hmm, your tough, I like you, Electrike use Spark once more" I said. This time Buneary was down for good. "Go Pokeball" I said. It moved three times again and this time I caught it. "Yes" I said. "Come on out Buneary" I said. "I'm Daria, your new trainer" I said. "Buneary" He said happily. "Let's go back to the Londien Arena and enter the challenge. I went back and signed up once more at their desk. I saw the big screen to see who I'll fight and this pop up.
First Round
Daria vs Wade - Hugh vs Finn - Kenta vs Olivia - July vs Sera

"Wade entered this" I asked shock. "Yes, and I'm going to beat you and go to second round" he said as he came to me. "Your wrong, I'm going to win" I said. "We'll see about that" he said.
May the first challengers approch the Arena
"Guess is our turn" I said. "Yeah see you there" Wade said. And we both headed on for the Arena. "Please select your pokemon and Wade goes first" the Manager said. "Ok, Go Loudred" Wade said. "Go Buneary" I said. Use Earthquake, dodge and use Drain Punch. Buneary managed to dodge and hit the Drain Punch. Loudred use Earthquake once more. Buneary got badly hurt. Use Drain punch. Buneary managed to destroy Loudred but was badly injured. "Return, Go Pupitar use Rock Slide" Wade said. Buneary managed to faint. "Return, Go Treecko use Vine whip" I said and that managed to do decent but rock slide almost ko Treecko. Treecko manages to ko Pupitar. "Return, Go Lombre" Wade said. Lombre managed to take down Treecko. "Go, Electrike use Spark" I said and finished off Lombre. "The winner is Daria, she will go on to round two" he said.
Second Round
Daria vs Hugh - Kenta vs July

"Guess, is against him" I said. "Why him" I whispered as soon as Hugh came to me. "Hey there neighbor, ready for our battle" He said. "I guess so" I said. "I know we are friends but I won't go easy on you" Hugh said. "Me neither" I said.
May the first challengers of the Second Round approach the Arena
"Let's go" Hugh said. "Ok" I said as we continued to the Arena. "Select your pokemon, Daria goes first" the Manager said. "Go Treecko" I said. "Go Elekid" Hugh said.
The Electric Pokémon
Spinning its arms around to generate electricity makes the area between its horns shine light blue.

"Cool Pokémon, Treecko use Absord" I said. "Elekid dodge and use Thunder Punch" Hugh said. Elekid dodged and stroke down Treecko. "Return, Go Electrike use Spark". Elekid absord the electricity and stroke down Electrike as well. "Return, go Buneary use Drain Punch" I said. Buneary managed to take down Elekid. "Go Lileep" Buneary also took him down. "Go Piplup use Bubble" Hugh said. "Buneary use Drain Punch" I said. Buneary managed to pull off and won.
Daria will be advancing to the next round with Kenta, the two would battle it out.
"Kenta..." I said. "That's me" He said walking to me. "Yeah, I'll beat you and be Duchess" I said. "Your confident, I like you a little for now" Kenta said walking away. "I know you'll win" Hugh said as he came to me. "Thanks, I'll win for you" I said and went to sleep.
May the Challengers of the Final Round come to the Arena.
I woke up and began walking to the Arena, hoping to win. "Go Treecko" I said. "Go Quilava use Flame Charge" Kenta said. Kenta's Quilava was so strong that took down Treecko, Electrike and Buneary making him the Winner and earning the title of Duke. "Congrats Kenta" Everyone was cheering for him while I left east of Londien to Route 102.