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Stat Stadium: Stat Stadium Season 2 Episode 1

by Thieving Fox

Thieving Fox Lucas, the PK Powered Coward(Hey, that rhymes!) vs. Luigi, king of the player twos.
Bolt: There are heroes, villains, and sidekicks. Screwball: These to put the side in sidekick! There always by their leader's side, no matter what. Even if they don't want to. Bolt: Lucas, the Blonde Freeze. Screwball: And Luigi, the Second Banana All Star. He's Bolt and I'm Screwball- wait, we already did Luigi before on the fifty likes special, and Lucas is pretty much a blonde cowardly Ness, who was in the first ever episode of Stat Stadium, so we can just skip to the fight! It's time for a Stat Match!!!!!!- Luigi is standing on one side of the stadium, hesitantly. Lucas stands on the other, scared. They both get in their battle stances. FIGHT!! Luigi charges a Green Rocket, but it is stopped by a PK Freeze. Luigi breaks free of the ice and ground pounds Lucas. Lucas pulls out a stick and starts hitting Luigi with it, and Luigi pulls out his hammer. Luigi swats it at Lucas, who gets whacked into a rock. Luigi charges up a Green Rocket, and it goes into Lucas's face. Lucas sends multiple PK fires, as Luigi yelps and tries to run, but is caught and starts screaming. Luigi becomes Ice Luigi and cools off the fire, then starts barraging Lucas with Ice, who counters with PK Freeze. Lucas sends a PK Lightning right behind himself, and he charges at Luigi, filled with electric energy. Luigi charges up a Green Rocket, then adds some spark to it with is Thunderhand and the two meet, an Electric charge sending them both back. Luigi and Lucas are sent flying back, until Luigi spins in the air and land son the ground gracefully. Lucas, however, is sent flying back and is hurt. Luigi looks at the hurt boy and picks up his hammer, changing it to the more powerful Iron Ball Hammer. Luigi soars at Lucas with a Green Rocket, then swings his hammer around, creating a "Green Thunder Spin", and it launches Lucas flying then keeps going as Lucas falls down, taking out his stick, charging it up, and... sends Lucas and Luigi back flying once again. Luigi uses all his electricity and launches a blast similar to Mario's Final Smash, as Lucas is met by the powerful beam. Lucas manages to stand up, and lifts his hand up in the sky, and yells "PK Thunder!!!!" as hundreds of meteor bullets fall down from the sky. Luigi screams. and starts running and avoiding the meteors, then gets and idea. He pulls out he Poltergeist, aims it up with full power, and - absorbs every single meteor left. Lucas, sends a PK Lightning back at himself again, trying to go right through the plumber's body, but is met by his own PK Thunder meteors going right back at him, along with Luigi, who comes right after the blast with a hammer, and launches Lucas's body off the field, far far away.
KO! Luigi does a victory dance and starts singing "Go Weegie". Bolt: In the closest match in Stat Stadium History, I'm sure a lot of suspense was in the air. But, in the end It came down to strength and experience. Luigi has fought much more battles then Lucas, along with having the strength to lift and throw a castle. Screwball: Even if PK Thunder was strong enough to kill Weegie, the Poltergeist can absorb anything magical or supernatural, and Lucas's own fire power messed it up. Looks like Lucas is Earthbound after that hammer swing. Bolt: The winner is Luigi.
Screbwall: Next time on Stat Stadium! DK's theme song plays, but it is then interrupted by Crash Bandicoot's theme song.
  1. Thieving Fox
    Thieving Fox
    This is one of the fights where nobody was killed, as Lucas was knocked to some other country, and Shadow went to get coffee. Wow, both with Luigi.
    Jan 25, 2015