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Stat Stadium: Stat Stadium Episode 2 Season 2

by Thieving Fox

Thieving Fox DK vs Crash is cancelled..... for now!!! This time, it's a sequel to Spongebob vs. Johnny Test!
Screwball: Ahhh....Sidekicks.... When the battles are over, only one get's the credit. And these guys sure aren't the guys who get it. Bolt: Dukey, Johnny Test's Karate Dog Sidekick. Screwball: And Patrick, The Pink Starfish. He's Bolt and I'm Screwball. Bolt: And were here to analyse their weapons, armor and skills to see who would win a Stat Match....
Dukey- Bolt: Johnny wanted a dog, so he adopted one! However, his sisters wanted to make him something more..... Dukey: RAWR!!! Screwball: Thanks to Mary and Susan's technology, Dukey is a genius, martial arts expert, and super fast. Dukey doesn't need gadgets to be awesome. Bolt: Dukey has pulled off great feats, such as surviving a rhino trampling him, a 100 Ton Blast, and managed to destroy a video game character as strong and fast as Sonic. Dukey may be a Dog, but he's treated like a man.
Patrick- Bolt: Patrick may just seem like a normal idiotic cartoon sidekick, but he is much much more. Screwball: Patrick is incredibly strong, being able to lift up a 1000 ton granite boulder, an is amazingly fast as well, like most cartoon characters. Bolt: Patrick also, like Spongebob, has a more powerful form. Some people call this, Super Sayain Tubby. What the f- Screwball: Patrick becomes as stronger than Zangief, and becomes very bulky. With great Muscle, Super Sayain Tubby can destroy walls, bricks and metal with ease. Patrick: Is Mayonaise and instrument?
Bolt: All right, the combatants are set. It's time to end this debate once and for all. Screwball: It's time for a Stat Match!!!!!!-
Patrick was at a Ice Cream Bar, at 2:00 am. He was tired, hungry, but still happy. Spongebob and him came over to celebrate his victory over Johnny Test. Spongebob went home at 12:00, but Patrick stayed. Dukey, angry for his best friend's loss, followed them to kill Patrick. Patrick spotted the dog, and got into a battle stance. FIGHT! Dukey did a flying kick into Patrick, who..... giggled. Patrick punched him in the face. Patrick stood still, then put his feet together and spread his arms out. He started spinning around and created something called "Chubby Tornado". Dukey was hit by the attack before jumping up in the air, and put his legs out, then put his hands together and started spinning. The two tornadoes met, but Patrick pushed Dukey back. Dukey did a backflip,, but was met by Patrick's pointy head going right at him. Dukey was sent flying back, but stood his ground and ran at Patrick. He chomped on Patrick's arm, and ripped it off. He did the same with Patrick's head. Patrick's body was now all over the floor. KO- WOAH! Patrick's arms and limbs rejoined, ten took the words "KO" and threw them at Dukey. Dukey's jaw dropped, and Patrick's clothes ripped off, now only showing yellow underpants. Patrick became very bulky and large, and surrounded Dukey. Patrick rasied his fists, and.... tore two of his legs off. Patrick's legs grew back, and his two ripped off legs grew their own Patricks. The three Patricks, all Super Saiyan Tubby, looked at Dukey. The 3 Patricks grabbed Dukey, and threw him, with all their strength together, up into near space. The original Patrick jumped up and looked at the scarred Dog. He punched Dukey's head, sending the Canine down to earth, screaming. When Dukey landed, the impact killed him. Patrick landed, and noticed his yellow underpants. "Yellow? These were white when I got them..." Patrick mumbled, and walked back to the bar, wanting more ice cream. KO!
Bolt: That was expected on so many levels. Screwball: Dukey had smarts, but nothing else. Patrick's extreme cartoon force, speed and strength was more than enough to defeat Dukey. Looks like Dukey is Dog-Gone. Bolt: The winner is Patrick Star.

Bolt: Have an Idea for a Fight? Leave it in the comments and it might just happen.
Screwball: And if you want to see an awesome fight now, just go to Stat Stadium Season 1 Episode One to Season 2 Episode 1!