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Pokemon ORAS 2: Regigigas is Awoken: PokeNav?!

by JC111414

JC111414 Uriel is on the road back to Norman's Town, where he'll meet the next gym, but someone comes to him to give him a special gift...
I was walking around route 111, when I found the same guy that I met back on my way to Fall Town. "Hey remember me, I'm Uriel, you never told me your name" I said. "Yes, I remember, how could I forget, I'm Lenny, and my girlfriend is Elise" he said. "You started your adventure 4 years ago, so your 14" I said. "Correct" Lenny said. "So your two years older than me" I said laughing. "Yes you are" he said laughing as well. "Anyways, Brendan told us to give you and your friends this, a Pokémon Navigator v. 1.2, or PokeNav for short" Lenny said. "Thanks, but why" I asked. "You can call anybody you have registered, you currently, by default have registered Brendan, the owner of this product" Lenny said "Brendan made this" I asked. "Brendan, not only the Champion of Hoenn, he also works at Devon Corporation, which was moved to Lil City (Lilycove City)" Lenny said. "Cool, can I register you guys" I asked. "Sure" Lenny said registering his and Elise's numbers. "Thanks for everything" I said. "Mind if we travel with you to the closest town" They asked. "I don't mind" I said and we all three continue walking and talking all the way. We made it all the way to Maul City, where I found Gabriel and Mark having a battle. "Hey guys" I said. "Hey, you got a PokeNav as well" Mark said. "Sure" I said. All three of us exchange numbers. "I'm off to Norman's Town" Mark said. "I'm staying here to train" Gabriel said. "We are headed to Norman's Town as well, why not come with us, Mark" I said. "Sure" Mark said and joined us to Norman's Town...