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Pokemon ORAS 2: Regigigas is Awoken: Back at Norman's Town

by JC111414

JC111414 Uriel and company kept on traveling trying to get back to Norman's Town, the group reaches Port City, only to find someone from the beginning...
We kept walking until we reached Port City. I saw Porto, and we exchange numbers on my PokeNav. Mark when to heal his team in the Pokémon Center while I was walking around Port City and saw Prof. Birch. "Hey, Professor" I said. "Hey, there, how's my starter" he said. "Pretty good, say mind we trade numbers" I asked. "Sure" he said and we traded numbers. "Hey, have you met the other trainers that where in my lab, when you left" Birch asked. "Melanie got Elektrike, right" I asked. "Indeed, the other trainer, I haven't heard of, he took his Cacnea and, I never heard of him again" Birch said. "Maybe, his fine" I said. "Do you have a clue about the other trainer" I asked. "Yes, both of them came from Kalos, after you came" Birch said. "If I see him, I'll talk to you" I said. "Sure" Birch said and we said our goodbyes. I went back to the Pokémon Center to meet back with Mark, Lenny and Elise. "I'm back" I said. "Good, let's go now" Mark said. We kept on walking when we got to the Sea. We got on the boat with Brine which he took us to Route 104. Mark went running to Norman's Town and we followed as well. When we got to the Gym, we saw Sasha getting out of the gym. "Shh, this gym is tough, but me and Sylveon managed to beat it" Sasha said to us. "Nice, mind if we trade numbers" I asked. "Sure" Sasha said and we traded numbers. "I'll battle first and then you Uriel" Mark said to me. "Sure" I said and enter. Lenny and Elise stayed outside while Sasha went to the Pokémon Center.

"Welcome to Norman's Gym, I'm Fabiana, I'm the Fairy Type gym leader here" she said. "I'm Mark from Rustboro City, and I challenge you to a battle" Mark said. "GO Lanturn, Go Floette, use Fairy Wind. "DODGE and use Electro Ball. Lanturn manages to dodge and hit pretty close range at Floette. Floette use Vine Whip. Floette knockout Lanturn. Return, Go Magmar use Flamethrower, Floette use Moonblast. Floette and Magmar's attack merged and both pokemon fainted. "Ha, what a pity, to see you fall, Go Spritzee, use Draning Kiss. Go Crustle, DODGE it and use X-Scissors. Spritzee dodges the attack and manages to beat Crustle. Go Conkeldurr Stone Edge, Spritzee Moonblast. Conkeldurr manages to do decent damage but then Spritzee manages to beat Conkeldurr. Go, Nuzleaf use Feint Attack, Spritzee use Moonblast once more. Nuzleaf's attack did nothing, and Moonblast finished the match. "How" I said. "Uriel, I'm off to train, you should do the same" Mark said and we both left...