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Pokémon Ember and Freeze: Pokémon Ember and Freeze- #015-#019- Mimite, Mitallion, Terraund, Termalag, and Cryomisis

by Cryronn the Mudkip

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Cryronn the Mudkip Here’s our regional bug line, which is a constant across every main series game. This time literally. There’s two of these sometimes too, so there’s actually two in Pokédex as well, so look out for that soonish. I changed a few of the names. Mimite stayed Mimite, Mitimfite became Mitallion, and Terraund also stayed Terraund. And then, Termalac became Termalag, and Cryomaut became Cryomisis.

These Pokemon are based on the termite. Now, in case you were me before about seven months ago, you might not have known that Termites live in the Pacific Northwest. I mean I was actually more dumb and thought they lived in Africa for some reason. I mean they might, but fact checking is for plebeians. Anyway! They’re just a standard termite, with a split evolution. Terraund gets a massive termite mound on its back, which don’t actually exist this far north because every termite is subterranean up in the PN, but shush. The second is a stalagmite, or a mountain shape. It’s a bit more vague, but I like how the shading came out on this one. And finally, was Cryomisis. I used Regice as my example for the ice design, and I must say, it’s my favorite. It’s basically just a Termite with frostbite and frozen limbs.

Mimite (Mih-myte)
The Termite Pokémon
Bug Type
Abilities: Swarm, Battle Armor
Mimite are found under the ground all over the region. It’s said that if you find a Mimite, you’re already on top of a colony, who found massive tunnel systems below the region. They are as prolific as they are effective, as they can utilize strength in numbers to defeat many common threats.

Mitallion (My-tal-ee-on)
The Warrior Pokémon
Bug Type
Abilities: Swarm, Battle Armor
Mitallion are some of the most combative Bug Type Pokémon in the entire region, only being beaten out by native Scolipede. Their tough carapaces defend them from many attacks, allowing them to counter with slashes from their massive front claws.

Terraund (Tarre-ownd)
The Mound Pokémon
Bug and Ground Type
Abilities: Swarm, Sand Stream
Terraund carry massive hunks of sand and clay on their backs, which takes a toll on their speed. They make up for this by using the earth as a defense from attacks. They also use the massive mounds on their backs to house Mimite, and eventually, when the mound gets too large, they leave most of it behind and make an entire new Mimite nest.

Termalag (Ter-mah-lag)
The Stalagmite Pokémon
Bug and Rock Type
Abilities: Swarm, Hyper Cutter
Termalag live in the High mountains, away from most of their previous evolutions. They are often seen getting in small conflicts with Capricaano, as the two duel on Cliffsides. While it’s more often the Capricaano that ends up victorious, Termalag are incredibly effective in their defense, controlling the stone on the mountain to their will.

Cryomisis (Cry-oh-my-sis)
The Overfrozen Pokémon
Bug and Ice Type
Abilities: Swarm, Snow Warning
Cryomisis live basically solitary in the north of the reason. Their bodies are frozen, coated in a thick ice. They use their massive ice claws to attack any and all Pokémon in their territory. They can expel ice from their mouths at temperatures lower than -10° on a whim, and much much more cold when they are threatened.

Well! This is all then! I’ll try to be more consistent about posting these. Even if they don’t get as many likes as the original Pokémon drawings, I hope you like them anyway! I’m super proud of all of these redesigns!

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