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Ennen Creatures: Olitha

by NonAnalogue

NonAnalogue The olithas, one of Ennen's sentient species, always had a difficult time coexisting with humans. The humans tended to distrust anything involving snakes (which is part of why hissguises tended to hide themselves so much), and so a species with feelers that looked remarkably serpentine sprouting from their heads was at a disadvantage from the beginning. Nonetheless, olithas integrated themselves into the dominant society more easily than some of the other sentient species (most of the kidaimon, for example, are only now coming out of the shadows). Olithas tend to keep to their own communities, but when venturing outside them, they are careful to be wary.

Pictured above is Taneth, an olitha who is active in the world of fashion in Ennen. Though the outfit she's wearing in this picture is a touch anachronistic.