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Ennen Creatures: Set 23

by NonAnalogue

ennen creatures 23.png
NonAnalogue The creeping speedwell is a small insectoid creature that lives in Ennen's deserts. It never goes aboveground if it can help it; instead, it burrows along underground by using its cone-shape body as a drill. Its tail could be used to defend itself, but the shape of the speedwell's body means that it has severe difficulty in moving backwards while underground, which makes stabbing anything largely unheard of. Its name comes from its laconic cruising speed as well as its considerably faster speed when chasing prey. Element: sand

The wiki is a bird native to cold, snowy locales. While the wiki looks unassuming, it shares a hive mind with every other wiki in Ennen. Moreover, changes in the mind of one wiki will near-instantly affect other wikis, meaning that any single wiki is more or less mentally identical to any other wiki. Researchers in Ennen are studying the wiki in order to learn more about transporting data; the idea is that if one wiki records information, then another wiki on the other side of the world would receive it and change accordingly. Elements: chill, surprise

The simple grinnell inhabits some of the darker Ennen caves. Its wide eye is suited for dark vision, and its hands have the thickest skin of the body overall in order to make climbing over rocky terrain easier. It stuns prey with a single horrifying look and devours them whole. Its distant relative, the complex grinnell, is rumored to drive men mad with its visage alone. Elements: dizzy, void
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