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Pokemon Lapis And Lazuli: Lapis Vs Angus In Staré Town!

by Sylvious

Sylvious Short Chapter :'I Well. Hope your enjoying the story so far! If you want to know how to come up with a pokemon name. Or really anything. Try to go to sleep. BEFORE you get into a dream. When your thinking of nothing the better the chance you will think of something. I got Pokémon Lapis And Lazuli Or Pokémon L/L From Going To Sleep. Make sure your not TOO tired or you will go to sleep before you think of something. If your a night owl like me 11:00 PM To 1:00 AM.
*Lapis Wakes Up*
"Okay. I'm ready!" Lapis Said.
*Lapis Runs Out Of The Pokémon Center And Bumps Into Somebody.*
"Hey! I was going to go to an other route! Oh. You must be the girl that got a Pokémon! Im sure you'll be a challenge! Have you been training?" ??? Said.
"No. Not really." Lapis Said.
"Hahahahahahaha! Im Angus. Lets battle! Hopefully your joking!" Angus Said.
"Im not." Lapis Said.
"Wait! If your going to battle him. You need help from me. After seeing how much you and I care for each other. I think we should be sisters!" Lazuli Said Smiling.
"Thanks! Now.... We are going to battle, So.... LETS BATTLE! Pikachu Go!" Lapis Said.
"Okay, Piplup. Lets battle alongside Lapis." Lazuli Said Looking At The Pokeball.
"GO PIPLUP!" Lazuli Said.
"Hey wait! Go Tepig!" Angus Said.
"Pikachu! Thunder Shock!" Lapis Said.
*Thunder came out of Pikachu's Cheeks. Damaging Tepig.*
"Tepig. Ember!" Angus Said.
*Tepig turned around and its tail was burning. The burn came straight at Pikachu.*
"Pika!" Pikachu Said.
"No! Piplup. Bubble!!" Lazuli Said.
"Thunder Shock!" Lapis Said.
*Bubbles Went Out Of Piplup's Mouth. And Electricity Went By It's Side. Making Tepig Faint.*
"Yes! We did it Pikachu!" Lapis Said.
"Yes! We did it Piplup!" Lazuli Said.
"Ugh... What? How did I get defeated by... YOU?!" Angus Said.
*Lapis And Lazuli Walk Away*
"Heres some pokeballs." Lazuli Said. Handing The 5 Pokeballs To Lapis.
"Thanks!" Lapis Said. Running off to Route 2.