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Pokemon Lapis And Lazuli: Uh AMNESIA ALERT!

by Sylvious

"Wh... Wha... What happened?" ??? Said.
"You were in a coma." Lazuli Said.
"Lazuli?" ??? Said.
"No. I'm Nurse Joy. I think your still under the effects of the coma. This Pikachu saved you." Nurse Joy Said.
"Pikachu?" ??? Said.
"Pika!" Pikachu Said.
"Ahhh! A weird mouse!" ??? Said.
"Oh.. Amnesia. Whats your name?" Nurse Joy Said.
"Uh... I don't know. The only thing I remember is the name Lazuli." ??? Said.
"Pika!" Pikachu Said.
"Huh? My name is Lapis? Wait. How can I communicate with a mouse?" Lapis said.
"Shut up. Call me Pikachu. There is only one way to get your memories back. By finding a Celebi." Pikachu Said.
"Whats that?" Lapis Said.
"A Pokémon. Ugh amnesia is a pain for people who HAVE TO HEAR IT." Pikachu Said.
"Come over here." Pikachu Said.
*Pikachu and Lapis go out of the Pokémon Center.*
"Hey Lapis!" ??? Said.
"Ah! How do you know my name?! Your a hacker aren't you!?" Lapis Said.
"No. What the heck has happened to you Lapis!" ??? Said.
"What happened. To me? This is one of my friends isn't it." Lapis Said.
"Yes." Pikachu Said.
"Why are you talking to your Pikachu?" ??? Said.
"Uh... Im under amnesia. That's all I can say." Lapis Said.
"Well. Im Lazuli." Lazuli Said.
"That's the thing!" Lapis Said.
"What?" Lazuli Said.
"The only thing I remembered was Lazuli. And that's you. Is it not?" Lapis Said.
"Yeah." Lazuli Said.
"Well, have you seen this weird thing called Celebi?" Lapis Said.
"The Pokémon? Yes. Come with me." Lazuli Said.
*Lazuli Touches A Shrine, Summoning Celebi.*
"What is that?" Lapis Said.
"No time to explain. Say use Thunder Shock right now." Pikachu Said.
"Okay... THUNDER SHOCK!" Lapis Said.
*Pikachu Grabs Lapis And Ran And Jumps Into The Shrine, And Disappears. Forever.*
"Lapis? Lapis?" Lazuli Said.
2 Days Later.
"Lapis..... Goodbye.... Forever....." Lazuli Said.
*Before Lazuli Walking Away. Pikachu And Lapis Came Out Of The Shrine.*
"Uh.... Where are we? The last thing I remembered was talking to a Celebi. Man that was such a rare Pokémon. But the thing before that... Was being attacked by a flock of Pidgey on Route 1." Lapis Said.
"Pika!" Pikachu Said.
"Wow Lapis! Your back!" Lazuli Said Crying.
*Lazuli Hugged Lapis.*
"Wow! Thanks!" Lapis Said Smiling.
"Lets go on a adventure together!" Lazuli Said.
"No. I'll pass for now. But... I never slept in days. I need to go to sleep." Lapis Said.
*Lapis slept on a chair.*
Wow. Sleeping on a chair is rough lol