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The Psychic adventures: Chapter 2: A Sparky murderer

by OmegaReuniclus

OmegaReuniclus Solosis continues his quest to save Elygem from Darkrai, but first he needs to find a tough pokemon to help him out with journey.
Solosis looked all over the town and came across a big building with a sign that read 'Bodyguard for hire'. After reading the message, he walked inside. "Hello sir." Solosis politely said.
"How old are you?" The heracross receptionist asked.
"Well, Im only 12..."
"Sorry young man, but you must be 15 or over to be able to hire a bodyguard officially, in this town anyway."
Solosis left the building and sat down on a bench. Suddenly, a Honchcrow walked by.
"Whats wrong kid?" Honchcrow asked
"I need someone strong to tag along with me on my quest to save my friend" Solosis Replied
"I can help you!" The both of them agreed and set of to take down Rotom who was trapping the whole town.

They finally reached rotom. Honchcrow snuck up behind him and used Night slash. Rotom turned in pain and hit the dark and flying type with a discharge attack. "Kid......Finish....h...hhim...off with your strongest.....mm....ove...." Honchcrow was overwhelmed by the attack and fainted.....forever. Solosis took one charge back and hit rotom with a psy shock, which finished the The spark soul off.
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  1. Pikachucat
    DANG!! honchcrow died no!!
    Mar 15, 2015