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The Psychic adventures: Chapter 1: Unexpected kidnapping

by OmegaReuniclus

OmegaReuniclus A little solosis goes on a quest to save his Friend elygem. CAN SOLOSIS SAVE HIS FRIEND FROM THE EVIL CLUTCHES OF DARKRAI?
On a Cold winter night, a little solosis was at his friends house for a sleep over. They were sound asleep...until a mysterious figure grabbed Solosis' friend and went back to the nightmare realm with him.
THE NEXT MORNING "*Yawns* Wake up Elygem.... its morning.......Elygem where are you? Solosis wondered. "He's probably gone to get breakfast." Solosis rushed down the stairs and headed in to the kitchen. "Elygem..." He was not in the kitchen. Solosis went to ask Elygem's parents but they didn't have a clue. Next, He knocked on the bathroom door and shouted for Elygem, but no response was given. "I should check back in the bedroom." The little psychic type thought to himself. In the bedroom, he found a mysterious black splodge on the wall. Solosis touched it and fell through the splodge which turned out to be a portal.

"where am I?" Solosis saw a hologram of Elygem.
"Solosis, im locked up in Darkrai's dungeon. You have to help. Be careful; Up ahead there is a powerful rotom, but you will need someone's help in this town Surrounded in Darkrai's Nightmare Energy." The hologram said after dissapering with a few crackles.
"OK a tough guy in town, lets venture around for a bit." Solosis mumbled to himself...
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  1. Pikachucat
    what happens next :-O *sit down to listen to the story*
    Mar 15, 2015
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  2. OmegaReuniclus
    Chapter 2 out later!
    Mar 15, 2015
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