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A Pokémon True Story: Camping in the woods

by ThAtGuY101

ThAtGuY101 In this Episode, an entire day had passed and it was now afternoon once more. Reio travels to the woods just north of route 15 which surrounds Laverre City. A nice peaceful forested area inaccessible in the actual game ,but still very much existent on the map. There are some campers ,and several of the pokémon native to the forest would like to say hello.
As Reio left the manor that afternoon, he spotted several unknown floating out of the manor's many cracked windows ,and even a few floating from out of the chimney. They were odd little creatures that inhabited the place. Apparently when the original home owner, Nathaniel traveled to Johto, he must have taken some back to Kalos with him because evidently there were many that lived within the manor's walls.

Reio headed down to the woods one of the first things that caught his eye was a hypno ,and it was swinging its pendulum on top of that. The hypno was walking rather cautiously through the woods keeping an ever vigilant eye out for passer by travelers. Two more figures appeared just footsteps behind the hypno. Both figures were young children. Though something seemed off about them. Almost as if they were hypnotized or something. Reio saw them walking further into the woods.

Reio knew instantly what was going on ,but didn't feel like tagging along so he let out a cheerful smile ,and waved. The hypno was kind enough to give a friendly wave ,and a sincere smile before turning to head even further into the woods.

As Reio headed further down the trail he saw a camper which appeared to be transfixed on something in the distance. Several pokéballs were bouncing and dancing around just off into the treeline. They were dancing cheerfully ,and the camper was so curious she just had to walk over to it. Reio knew better. That was an amoonguss luring prey in. Reio let out a small chuckle. The amoonguss didn't seem to notice Reio, so Reio decided to mind his own business. To each their own. As Reio finally spotted a campfire there were several campers.

Two of the campers were arguing ,and the argument got so heated that the two nearly gotten into a scuffle. They decided to walk off separately into the woods to cool off on their own. Giving Reio just enough time to do what he does best. Some pokémon would eventually come to dispose of the bodies ,and sure enough. As soon as Reio left the second body cold on the ground, a mightyena cheerfully walked by him and the two engaged in a brief conversation.

~Reio ,and Mighyena...~

"Eeeeeeeerrrr! Ruff! Nice day for fishing, huh?" Mightyena said in a gruff tone.

"Hoho... I haven't done that in a long good while, I should do that before the muk come" Reio said cheerfully.

Mightyena let out a cheerful chuckle "Yeeeeeaaahh... I took my children out for a nice swim. The pups need the exercise ya know?" Mightyena said cheerfully.

"Hohohohoho! the little rascals, how are they?" Reio asked with genuine curiosity.

"Goooood... Found a pikachu. Snack time" Mightyena said excitedly.

"Growing children do like treats" Reio said.

"Errrrrrrrr. They do. Speaking of which, I smell food nearby" Mightyena said in a gruff tone.

Reio silently smiled ,and pointed towards the direction he just left.

The two exchanged smiles ,and said their goodbyes before happily going their separate ways.

~End of conversation between Reio and Mightyena...~

Reio would eventually get his fill of souls for the day ,and as he finally began heading back home when he seen the mightyena and some poochyena enjoying a nice family meal together, "What a nice wholesome and heartwarming sight" Reio thought to himself. He headed back home. As he began creeping his way back to the manor he saw several unknown flying into the manor. For some reason N took a liking to the unknown. Though that was to be expected since they had been friends for longer than Reio could remember.
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