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Pokemon Stories: How I got Branch the Bulbasaur

by CloudLine64

CloudLine64 #flashchallenge,this is for you and for others!
I was walking in the Viridian Forest when I heard a growl coming from my Umbreon,Eclipse,I looked to where Eclipse was growling but saw nothing.I kept going while Eclipse paused for a bit,but then continued.I'm able to understand what my pokemon say,so it makes sense I would talk about what he saw.
"So,Eclipse,what did you see?"
"Not see,smell."
"So that means...Grass type?"
I paused for a bit since I thought I saw a flash of green shadow through the trees.
"You saw that?"Eclipse asked me,
"I believe we found the mystery.".Just then,a wild Bulbasaur appeared out of the bushes!
"Eclipse!Go!"I yelled,and Eclipse jumped in to battle.Eclipse used Last Resort on the wild Bulbasaur,and it fainted.I threw my pokeball and it held the Bulbasaur,it wiggled and wiggled until it made a sound I wanted to hear.I had FINALLY caught one of the starter pokemons!!!(Sorry Mystic,my Abra)
"So,now that you caught him,will you name him?"
"Sure!I've always wanted to a grass type Branch!"I exclaimed,Eclipse groaned.I took out the new pokemon,
"So,my Bulbasaur,how do you like the name,Branch?"I asked.Bulbasaur nodded gleefully and I spun him around.This,I knew,was the start of a great Adventure of Friendship.