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Pokemon Stories

by CloudLine64

  • CloudLine64

    How I got Branch the Bulbasaur by CloudLine64

    #flashchallenge,this is for you and for others!

    Sep 8, 2014 234 words
  • CloudLine64

    Ashes Rise to Smoke by CloudLine64

    This story was inspired by AzureEdge's story,My Mightyena. Yes,there is death,no not in the way of Azure's story. umm...I guess this would be a #flashchallenge,and if Teapot tells me otherwise,I'll just edit out the inclusion,but I'm NOT deleting this!

    Sep 10, 2014 1,004 words 1 Like
  • CloudLine64

    A Little Campfire by CloudLine64

    Smoke,Mystic,Will,Wave,and my new Houndoom secretly sneak out of the house without me knowing.But,can they stay hidden without me finding out?

    Oct 5, 2014 455 words
  • CloudLine64

    Lost in Her Breeze by CloudLine64

    This is kind of a sad story...be warned!!! #flashchallenge FTW!!!

    Oct 13, 2014 843 words 1 Like
  • CloudLine64

    The Master of Hallow by CloudLine64

    #FlashChallenge Happy Halloween!

    Oct 26, 2014 875 words
  • CloudLine64

    A Darkrai's Weakness by CloudLine64

    About another of my pokemon,hope you like it!

    Nov 7, 2014 806 words 2 Likes
  • CloudLine64

    Pan,My Pancham by CloudLine64

    This is about a little Pancham,Pan.

    Nov 12, 2014 345 words
  • CloudLine64

    My First Legendary by CloudLine64

    This is about my first legendary pokemon which I got from a card. Also,sorry about the change of the boldness....malfunctions.

    Jan 23, 2015 669 words 1 Like
  • CloudLine64

    Shattering Heights by CloudLine64

    About my Charizard,Smoke.

    Mar 11, 2015 690 words
  • CloudLine64

    A Lie of One Nightmare by CloudLine64

    Cloud has a nightmare,but she tries to wake up.Will she be able to,or will her mind repeat this nightmarish dream over and over?

    Mar 17, 2015 446 words