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Possesion: Dawn

by Br4v3b1rd

Br4v3b1rd Lilith after the Whirl Islands, a dawn a few weeks later. Legends are more than she bargained for.
It's dawn, and the fire was cold embers, faint trails of smoke in the pink sky. A yellow nose pokes out of the tent, the Ampharos it belonged to slowly stumbling into the campsite, yawning.

Normally, Marigold wouldn't be up this early, but she'd rolled over to the sleeping bag where her trainer slept, and found it cold and empty.

The dewy grass stuck to her paws as she ambled over to the figure huddled on a ledge, facing the coming dawn. "Amph?" She questioned the figure.

The figure turned, and Marigold could still see the stitches in her neck. Lilith gave her pokemon a once over before turning back to the sunrise. She sighed, "Couldn't sleep." She admitted, her Ampharos sitting next to her. "He... She... It, it keeps taunting me."

Lilith didn't want to say Lugia. Didn't want to call the pokemon a god. 'It' was good enough. It'd been a few weeks, and despite her mother's protest, she'd left for the league.

In her dreams, black water swirled around her, gold eyes looking back at her through the currents. Called her weak, told her that her body would be put to better use in the service of a god.

Taunted her into taking the pokeball back.

She could feel it still there, in the back of her mind, pushing against her. Crying to be released.

Screaming "Lilith!!"

Marigold nudged her shoulder, breaking her out of her trance. Gold eyes met the Ampharos's grin, and Lilith relaxed. She had her pokemon. They'd keep her together.