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Possesion: Whirl Islands

by Br4v3b1rd

Br4v3b1rd Sometimes, the gravest mistake is trusting. A short story about Lilith DuClair. #flashchallenge
The moment she held the pokeball in her hands, she felt it, the surging of a storm almost. The power of a titan. She was motionless as the world went cold. Amanda, underneath her, shivered, Lilith’s body now ice cold.

She could not hear the Kimono Girls leaving, noticing how she balanced on the top of her Feraligatr. They looked down as they descended the stairs, tugging on their escape ropes for a quick exit. This is what they were taught to do. It wasn’t malice in their hearts, but duty.

The Tidal Bell cracked, power swirling through the room, invisible, the pressure like a storm. The balls around her belt opened without a single touch, the pokemon inside forcing their way out and onto the platform

Elizabeth fluttered awkwardly, before perching on Queenie. Their trainer, their wonderful trainer, felt wrong.

She jumped off of Amanda and looked at them all, golden eyes surveying their expressions. Dark blue circles were slowly setting in around her eyes, mirroring the pattern of Lugia.

She should have been drowning by now, but she stood on the water like it was ice, a wicked expression on her face, her jacket ripped apart by the blue plates growing out of her body, her features becoming more angular.

Lilith’s body laughed, a raspy cackle that sounded more like a pokemon’s cry then a laugh.

Amanda was the first to react. The Feraligatr dived underwater and charged, trying to tackle the teen to her senses. A wave of Lugia/Lilith’s hand pushed the water and Amanda to the wall, the pokemon falling back into the waves.

Elizabeth took flight, the oldest of Lilith’s pokemon, and besides Amanda, she’d known her trainer the longest. She knew this was what she had to do. The Pidgeot took a breath, then bolted down, dodging currents the god of the sea threw at her. If Lilith was Lilith, she’d know exactly what move this was.

Aerial Ace. She didn’t like the idea of hurting her trainer, but something had to be done. Her talons pierced from the tip of Lilith’s neck to about her stomach. Elizabeth tried to be gentle as she could, but the cut was deep enough to hurt and the god of the sea screamed, the ball falling out of Lilith’s hand and into the reddening water. The girl sinking into the water, barely floating.

Elizabeth plucked it out of the water and throws it to Marigold, the electric pokemon being a good deterrent for a water type.

The group only knew one thing, and one thing only. They had to get out of the whirl islands and get Lilith home.
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  1. Pikalectric7
    that's simply amazing. im a good story writer myself and that story was as good as my best ever piece of writing
    Feb 24, 2015
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