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Flash Challenges: 'Charms Challenge: Spring!

by Bulba the Curious

Bulba the Curious #flashchallenge My Short Story: Bulba's Birth

Yes, you're right, this is only part 1. I may finish this story later, for this or another flash challenge, or just for fun. And if I don't, remind me.
'Charms Challenge: Spring!

Bulba's Birth: A Short Story

Once, there was a Venusaur and a Slowbro living in a jungle together. They had mated long ago, and were waiting for the mother Venusaur to lay her egg. Finally, one day, it happened. A small Bulbasaur egg was laid. However, there was something strange about it. It had pink spots instead of purple.

But mother Venusaur loved it just the same. She loved it through the summer, fall, and cold, harsh winter, until finally, in the beautiful spring, the egg began to hatch.

Mother Venusaur and father Slowbro gathered around the egg. Several Tropius watched from above. Tailow chittering in the trees stopped their singing to gaze at the egg. And out of the egg, hatched the smallest Bulbasaur you had ever seen. It looked up at its mother and said, bulbaaa...

And that was its name. Bulba. For the next few days, it stayed with its mother, learning the ins and outs of survival of the Bulbasaur, until he came.

It was Ethan, the young trainer who lived nearby, who had trained his pokemon to be extremely powerful. Mother Venusaur and father Slowbro knew of Ethan, and went to hide when they saw him coming, but Bulba did not follow. He was spotted by Ethan, but was not aware that the boy was coming closer to him.

"Hey little guy..." Ethan coaxed. "Wanna come with me? I'll give you a nice home!" Ethan held out a pokeball to the small pokemon. "I know some people who will love you very much!"

Bulba looked at the boy, then at the pokeball. Curious as he was, he gently touched the button on the ball, and was trapped inside. Mother Venusaur and father Slowbro were horrified, but knew that if they came out of hiding, they would risk fainting. So they stayed hidden as Ethan ran back towards the town, saying, "The professor will love this pokemon!"