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Flash Challenges: 'Charms Challenge: Spring! (Part 2)

by Bulba the Curious

Bulba the Curious #flashchallenge My Short Story: Bulba's Birth (Part 2)
'Charms Challenge: Spring!

Bulba's Birth (Part 2): A Short Story

Back in New Bark Town, Ethan raced to see Professor Elm in his Lab. As always, there he was, watching over his last pokemon, Cyndaquil.

"Professor! I found a starter!" Ethan called to the lab-coated man.

"Really! Where?" the curious professor asked.

"I was walking through the forest to catch some new pokemon when I saw it sitting in a clearing. It's just a baby, and I didn't see its parents around, so I thought I'd bring it to you."

"Well, show it to me!" urged Professor Elm. Ethan opened the pokeball and out came Bulba. "A bulbasaur! Do you mind if I keep him here and study him? He might be a good pokemon to give to a new trainer!"

"Fine be me," Ethan responded. "He seems to like me, but I think I'm a bit too busy to take care of another pokemon right now. Bye, Professor!"

"Come back soon!" called Elm as Ethan walked out the door.

A week later, Ethan went back to the Lab to visit the bulbasaur. "Professor, how's the bulbasaur doing?"

"Oh, he's having a whale of a time here, checking out all of the machinery and other gadgets lying around," Elm replied. "He seems to be quite the curious one, so much so that my aides have began calling him Bulba the Curious!"

"Anything other than that?" Ethan wondered.

"Yes! The most extraordinary thing about him is... Ethan, do you know the types that a bulbasaur usually is?"

"Grass and Poison. That's an easy one."

"Well this one isn't! It's psychic instead of poison, and knows amnesia! Something must have happened to it in the breeding process, when a psychic type parent passed on its genes to this little guy! Based on my research, that parent was most likely a Slowbro."

"Cool! Now I do kinda want the little guy! It'd be like starting my journey all over again!"

"Speaking of starting a journey," Elm began, "there's a boy living in Cherrygrove and he and his family are moving to Hoenn, where he'll start his pokemon journey! I believe his name is Brendan. I would like you to go down and help them pack. You can take little Bulba here with you if you want. Just keep him safe!"

"Great! I'll take good care of him!" And Ethan was off.