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Blake Star: Sinnoh Quest: Chapter 6: A Spotlight Showdown

by MegaloX

MegaloX Took me 6 chapters but here's the very first gym battle...is what I would say if that was gonna happen this chapter but it's not so, sorry xD
Somewhere on Route 204

Blake and Cody were walking through the forest much like the last time. "Well this seems familiar." the boy said with a smile. Cody sighed and rolled his eyes, "Yeah maybe we can get lucky and another mutant shrimp will jump out of a bush so we can go on a wild goose chase just so you can catch the dang Pokemon and have two of them." Cody spouted out a bit angrily. Blake's eyes widened at his friend's sudden outburst. "Are you okay Cody? Cause you sound angry." he said, trying to make Cody any angrier than he already seemed. The boy exhaled in a forceful puff, "No Blake there's nothing wrong with me." he said. Blake shrugged his shoulders, "Well if you say so. Come on, we're almost there anyways." the young trainer said.

The two boys walked past a welcoming sign into the city and kept walking. Blake looked up ahead and saw lots of places, buildings, and people. "Wow this place is great!" Blake exclaimed. Cody ran up and caught up to his friend, taking a look around at the place. "Yeah you're right it looks amazing!" he said with a bright smile on his face. The two boys got a little deeper in town and were smiling at all the great things that the City had to offer. They saw the Pokemon Center and even a few shops that looked entertaining.

Blake and Cody were coming up to the corner of the sidewalk and followed it left. The boy heard a noise behind him and quickly turned around to see what it was. Across the street the young trainer saw a girl about him and Cody's age being surrounded by three other kids who seemed to be trainers but these boys seemed about a year older than the rest of them. Blake stopped and squinted his eyes to see if he could get a better look at the scene. Cody noticed that his friend had stopped and he turned back around. "Hey Blake come on we're almost...Blake? Hello? Earth to partner? What are you looking at?" Cody asked. Blake snapped out of it, "Look over there Cody. That girl looks like she needs help." he said. Cody nodded at his friend and the two boys darted across the street and back towards the girl who was surrounded.

"Why don't you just fork it over?" one boy said. "Yeah because if you don't then Devin will just end up taking it from you." another said. The girl shook her head from side to side and held her Pokeball close to her chest. "I'm not going to let you have Feebas!" she shouted, almost in tears. The third boy began to laugh, "You're making this way too hard on yourself." he said through his laughter. "How about you bullies leave her alone!" Blake stated forcefully.

The three boys turned towards Blake and Cody and began to slowly approach them. "Oh yeah? And what if we don't?" the first boy asked. Cody then stepped in, "Well then we're going to make you wish that you never messed with her in the first place." he said angrily. The boy smirked, "Alright then, My name's Devin. That's Trevor and the other one is Ron." Devin said. "And if you really want us to leave her alone then you have to beat all three of us in a Pokemon Battle." he said with a sly smile on his face realizing that it would be 2 vs 3. "Hold on a minute. Those numbers aren't fair." a voice said from behind the three boys. The girl with the Pokeball stepped forward and joined Blake and Cody. "I feel that if my Feebas is on the line here then I should help defend it." she said. "Oh and by the way. Thanks for saving me my name is Luna Marshall." she said with a smile.

Devin looked at Trevor and Rod and the three boys nodded. "Well it's no problem with us. The outcome of the battle won't change." he said. Blake turned to Luna, "Well it's nice to meet you my name's Blake Star and this is my friend Cody Nelson." Blake said, smiling back at her. He then returned his attention to the bullies, "Are we battling here or is there a specific place you want to go?" he asked. Devin then grunted, "No not here, follow us." he said before turning around and walking down the street.

"I wonder where he could be off to?" Luna asked herself. She kept thinking and thinking but kept coming up with nothing. Once they began to get closer to the location Luna's face lit up. "I know where he's taking us! There's supposed to be a huge gathering today for some guy who is said to rival Cynthia in power as a trainer even though he's only 12 years old." she said. "So maybe with all those people he's going for public humiliation." she said. Cody smirked, "Well if he wants to be publicly humiliated then his wish is our command." he said. Luna cocked her head sideways, "Do you really think we can beat them?" she asked. "Well of course we can." Blake chimed in. Luna then gasped, "Oh that's it, you guys must be new to Oreburgh City." she said. Blake and Cody looked at each other, "Yeah, so? Is that bad or something?" Blake asked. "No it's not bad or anything like that. It's just that you haven't seen these guys in battle before. Trevor and Ron could be easy pushovers sometimes but Devin...Devin's got a really strong Heracross." she said. "Heracross huh?" the boy asked, knowing some stuff about the Pokemon due to it being a fighting type.

The two trios arrived at the location. There was a huge gathering of people standing in front of a risen stage. Without a second thought, Devin walked up the stairs and got on the stage while his crew followed. Blake hesitantly took a step onto the stage while Cody and Luna slowly followed him. The six trainers stood on the stage and got prepared to begin. Someone in the audience began clapping, "It's an opening to Jonathan's arrival!" he shouted. "Ba-ttle! Ba-ttle! Ba-ttle!" the crowd chanted. Blake, Cody, and Luna were all staring at the crowd too long to realize that the others had already chose Ron to battle first.

Luna smiled, "I'll go first. What kind of performer would I be if I didn't entertain my audience." she said, stepping forward. Luna took out her Pokeball and threw it, "Alright Feebas it's your turn!" she shouted. With a bright flash of light Feebas appeared from the Pokeball. Ron smirked, "Alright Nincada let's bring the pain." he yelled as he threw the Pokeball. Another flash of light occured, this time revealing Nincada.

"Whoah I've never seen either of those Pokemon before." Blake said, while pulling out his Pokedex and placing it on Feebas.

Feebas. The Fish Pokemon. Feebas eats anything and can live in the bottom of polluted bodies of water so it is often ignored.

He then placed the machine's scanner on Nincada.

Nincada. The Trainee Pokemon. Nincada is completely blind and uses it's antennae in order to see. They survive off the nutrients from tree roots.

Just then, the M.C. walked onto the stage with a mic. "Whoah looks like we have a little Showdown as an opener for Jonathan." he said. "So if none of you mind, I'll be the referee." he said. "The following will be a 1 on 1 battle. The battle will be over when either side's Pokemon is unable to battle." the M.C. said. He then raised his hand and prepared to start. "Battle begin!" he shouted as he threw his hand downward.

"Nincada use Sand Attack!" Ron yelled as his Pokemon obeyed and began tossing sand into the eyes of Feebas. Luna gasped, "Oh no Feebas quick while you cans till see a little. Use Tackle!" she shouted. The fish darted right at Nincada going off of nothing but memory of where the bug was. "Dodge it Nincada! Then use Fury Swipes!" Ron said. His Pokemon jumped to the side and jumped at Feebas, clawing it up.

"No good. The beginning of the battle and Feebas is already looking too weak to continue." Cody said. Blake nodded in agreement with his friend. "Yeah I know what you mean but I bet Luna has a trick up her sleeve. She's got to." he said with hope that his new friend would win her battle.

Feebas laid on floor and Nincada was coming back for round two. "Go Nincada Finish it with Fury Swipes!" Ron shouted as his bug Pokemon moved towards the downed Feebas.

"Ohhh and just like that Nincada was able to easily get Feebas on the ground and is about to finish the job!" the M.C. said on the mic.

"Just a little closer." Luna thought to herself as the Nincada approached her Feebas. Once the bug was in ideal range Luna made her move. "Now Feebas use Flail!" she shouted. The fish Pokemon flopped back and forth for a second before quickly flopping towards Nincada and swinging it's tail right into the bug's head. Nincada went flying back and crashed to the floor.

"OHHHHH! An expert use of Flail by Luna! It did more damage based on how weak Feebas was! It was the perfect counter move to get her back in this thing!" the M.C. said excitedly into the mic.

Ron watched shakily as his Nincada struggled to get up. "Don't worry buddy we got this now use Fury Swipes one last time!" he yelled. The bug finally got to it's feet and ran at Feebas hoping to finish it off. Luna saw the bug and immediately responded. "Feebas use Tackle quick!" she yelled. Instead of using tackle Feebas surrounded itself in a ring of water. It then shot the ring out in all directions which caused it to slam into Nincada. The bug Pokemon was stopped dead in it's tracks and fainted on the spot.

"HOLY COW! Luna is the winner! With the come from behind victory she gives her team a win!" the M.C. yelled.

Ron returned his Nincada and walked back over to Devin and Trevor. "What the heck was that?" Devin asked. "She had a Feebas and you couldn't beat her?" Devin continued asking. Ron growled, "I can't help the fact that it just spontaneously learned a water type move which is super effective against Nincada." he responded.

Luna ran over to her Pokemon and scooped it up in her arms. "Feebas I'm so proud of you. You even learned Brine!" she said cheerfully. She carried her fish Pokemon back over to Blake and Cody. "Good job Luna." Cody said. "Yeah no kidding, way to keep everyone in suspense." Blake said jokingly. "What can I say, I have to make my crowd feel emotion." Luna said with a smile.

"Alright they're sending out Trevor so I'll take him on." Cody said, stepping forward. The boy took out his Pokeball and got ready to face off against Trevor. "Go Kriketune, show him who's number one!" Trevor said, sending out his Pokemon. Cody tossed out his Chimchar without a word and got ready to battle. "You ready Chimchar?" Cody asked with a silent fire of determination burning deep within himself. Chimchar had the same fire and the two were ready to battle.

"I've never seen that Pokemon before either." Blake said, scanning it with his Pokedex.

Kriketune. The Cricket Pokemon, and the evolved form of Kriketot. This Pokemon plays melodies to communicate it's emotions using it's arms which also double as really sharp scythe blades.

"Sounds dangerous. Do you think he can win?" Luna asked. "Oh yeah no problem. Cody's gonna be just fine." Blake said, reassuring the girl.

"Now let the battle begin!" the M.C. shouted as the crowd cheered like crazy.