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Blake Star: Sinnoh Quest: Chapter 7: The Fires Of Determination

by MegaloX

MegaloX basically a continuation of 6 but a chapter nonetheless
"Now let the battle begin!" the M.C. shouted as the crowd cheered like crazy.

"Chimchar use Scratch!" Cody yelled. Chimchar heard his trainer however, he didn't move an inch. "Come on Chimchar what are you doing you have to move!" he shouted out. Trevor then began to laugh, "Ridiculous! Your own Pokemon won't even listen to you. Well then, allow me to teach you a lesson. Kriketune use Fury Cutter!" Trevor yelled. The cricket energized it's blades and dashed towards Chimchar with impressive speed. Just when the Pokemon was about to make contact with Chimchar the unthinkable happened. The monkey Pokemon quickly hopped inside of Kriketune's guard and delivered a punch to it's gut which caused it to stumble back.

Cody let out a sigh of relief that his Chimchar didn't get hurt. "You had me worried there buddy but what in the world was that?" he asked, completely surprised.

Luna chimed in, "That was Fake Out." she said. Chimchar used it perfectly.

The crowd went wild as the M.C. hyped up the battle, "An expert use of Fake Out by Chimchar and Cody!" he shouted.

"Alright Kriketune get back up and use Fury Cutter again!" Trevor shouted. The bug began to charge at Chimchar once again and Cody was smiling. "Now Chimchar use Fake Out!" he yelled. The chimp was plowed by Kriketune's attack and sent rolling across the stage. "What happened?" he asked.

"Oh yeah I kinda forgot to mention that sorry. Fake out only works once." Luna said sheepishly.

"In the meantime while you make stupid decisions, the more I get hits with Fury Cutter, the more it's power increases." Trevor said with a smirk.

Chimchar rose to his feet and growled at Kriketune.

"Fury Cutter!"


The two Pokemon collided, both pushing against one another for dominance. The chimp however, was overwhelmed by Fury Cutter's increased power and took another hit form the attack. Chichar slid back but managed to stay on his feet. Kriketune began rubbing it's blades together, relishing in all the power it's Fury Cutter has gained thus far.

"And with each blow Kriketune is only getting stronger!" the M.C. shouted as the crowd cheered like animals.

"Okay Chimchar we need to shut down this cricket are you with me?" he asked. The monkey nodded with a look of determination and prepared to engage Kriketune once more. "Use Fury Cutter!" Trevor yelled. "Use Scratch!" Cody shouted. "Oh this again huh? You just never learn." Trevor said.

Just then, Chimchar began to feel something. It's power started to rise and his eyes changed to a more reddish color. His tail fire also began to flare up and grow larger. Cody then got a quick idea. "Alright Chimchar let her rip from point-blank range. Use Ember!" he shouted. The chimp fired a burst round of fire pellets right into Kriketune's face which blew it back. "One more Ember!" Cody yelled. Chimchar obeyed and fired off another round to make sure that Kriketune was KO'd for good. Cody returned his Chimchar with a smile, "Great job buddy." he said.

Luna was watching from the side, "So that Chimchar found out how to tap into Blaze huh?" she asked herself.

"Can you believe it folks? Chimchar powered up and easily overpowered the Kriketune even with it's powered-up Fury Cutter! What an amazing battle!" the M.C. shouted.

Trevor hauled his beaten up Kriketune over to his team. "Sorry guys." he said. Devin growled, "Useless, all of you are just useless!" he shouted, walking out onto the battlefield. "This is gonna shut them up I don't care what it takes. No random kids are going to come and embarrass me in front of all these people." he said.

Cody gave high-fives to Luna and Blake. "I guess Chimchar is getting really strong now." he said. "Yeah I know what you mean." Blake said with a smile. "But what was up with the power bonus and why was Cody asking slightly evil?" he thought to himself. "Anyways, I guess I'd better get out there cause Devin doesn't look too patient right now." he said, walking out onto the stage.

"So it's just you and me now Devin." Blake said. "Yeah but our deal still stands." Devin responded. The young trainer shrugged his shoulders, "Fine with me." he said with a smirk.

Both trainers tossed their Pokeballs straight up into the air and watched as a simultaneous flash of light revealed both Heracross and Torchic who both fell back down to the ground.

Blake quickly scanned the Heracross to see what the Pokedex had to say about it.

Heracross. The Singlehorn Pokemon. Heracross uses it's powerful horn to hunt it's prey and can also easily throw something 100 times it's own weight using it's horn.

Blake and Devin were staring at each other as well as Torchic and Heracross.

"Let the final match of this little showdown begin!" the M.C. shouted.