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Welcome to the digital age

by NonAnalogue

digital vitruvian.png
NonAnalogue People were always a little leery of teleportation. They had a reason to be, of course; any method of transportation that involved ripping one apart atom by atom and hoping that everything got reassembled somewhere else in exactly the correct order would naturally have a few detractors.

But what would you do if you found out that with a few tweaks to a computer program governing teleportation, you could not only teleport, but alter yourself any way you liked in the process? When Shyla came across this knowledge, she used it to spy on the organization she suspected was responsible for the hospitalization of her sister.

And what would you do if, after finding this computer program, another group finds out they can, with the same program, change the thoughts and minds of your closest friends? Who would be left to trust?
  1. The Voltagonist
    The Voltagonist
    Aaaaaannnd this is an accurate representation of myself when I'm having one of my "ultra-special-awesome nerd moments".
    Apr 9, 2015
    The Blue Avenger likes this.
  2. Thomas Runner
    Thomas Runner
    if i had this, i would give myself bionics, and be really smart!!!
    Apr 9, 2015