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Pokemon ORAS 2: Regigigas is Awoken: Verdel City, City of Lights and Brightness

by JC111414

JC111414 Uriel and Gabriel finally made it to Verdel City to challenge to gym leader there. Knowing this the settle their scored by battling, but Verdel City is here for a lot of surprises... maybe some battles
"Good job Medicham, good game Gabriel" I said, returning my pokemon after winning against Gabriel. "Yeah, guess we have good and bad days" Gabriel said. We both headed for the gym, but it was closed. "WHAT!?, not again" I yelled.
Verdel City Gym Closed for the day. Accepting Challengers starting tomorrow, sign here:
1. Melanie
2. Mark
3. Sasha

"Guess Sasha and Mark made it here first" Gabriel said. "Let's sign before anyone else does" I said. "Wait, looks like someone is in for the challenge as well" I said. "Yeah, seems as another girl is challenging gyms at our pace as well" Gabriel added. "Hey guys" Sasha came walking toward us with Mark at her side. "What's up guys, hope you train hard, people around these parts say this gym is hard" Mark said. "I have Chimchar and Medicham for backup" I said. "I have Shelgon now" Gabriel said. "Well, I have Magmar" Mark said. We all sent out Chimchar, Shelgon, Magmar, Vanilite. "Vanilite is helping me now this time around and Lapras too" Sasha said. "Well, what do you know, someone got here first" Mark said reading the names. "Yeah, Melanie is going first tomorrow morning" I added. "Why don't we practice" Mark said. "Sure, lets all battle" I said. "Two on Two, three pokemon each person, sounds good" Gabriel said. We went to a plain battle field and began battling. Gabriel and I vs Sasha and Mark. "Go Chimchar, Go Shinx" We said "Go Timburr, Go Vanilite" They said. Chimchar use ember, Shinx use Spark, Timburr use Low Kick, Vanilite use Icy Wind. Chimchar and Shinx got hurt badly while Timburr and Vanilite dodge the attacks. "Good job, Sasha" Mark said. "Thanks, I have learn from Uriel and Gabriel's many battles" she added. Chimchar come one" I said. "You too Shinx" Gabriel kept supporting. Shinx used Helping Hand and cause Chimchar Ember to hit hard enough to almost take out Timburr when a light popped up. "Timburr is evolving into Gurdurr" Mark said. Gurdurr use Rock Slide, Vanilite use Icy Wind. DODGE it and Use Ember, use Spark. Chimchar and Shinx attack both pokemon when Shinx evolves into Luxio. Vanilite fainted. Gurdurr dodge the moves. "Go Sylveon use Fairy Wind" Sasha said. Sylveon attacked both Chimchar and Luxio and both opposing pokemon fainted. "Go Medicham Go Sandslah, use Fire Punch and Dig" "Sylveon use Fairy Wind, Gurdurr use Low Kick". Medicham hit Gurdurr hard enogh to make I t faint and Sanshald made Sylveon faint as well. "Well, let see now, Go Magmar, Go Lapras, Magmar use Flame Burst and Lapras use Water Pulse". "Medicham use Thunder Punch, Sandslash use Dig". Lapras hit Medicham and made it faint and Magmar tried to go for Flame Burst but Sandslash dodge the move and hit Magmar and made it faint. "GO Cacnea, Vine Whip, Go Seedot use Vine Whip as well, Lapras use Water Pulse, Sanslash use Rock Throw" Cacnea and Seedot fight it out with vine whips and Lapras hit Sandslash and it fainted. "Cacnea use Vine whip, you too Seedot" Cacnea and Seedot both fainted themselves down while Lapras finished off Shelgon with Ice Beam. "Great battle guys" MArk said. We all decided to go to the Pokémon Center and go to sleep for the night and challenge the gym tomorrow...