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Trouble in Fonzaku Ranch

by ImmortalLeavanny

ImmortalLeavanny A young Pokemon Trainer, Adam makes his way to Fonzaku City, but stops at Fonzaku Ranch when Team Meteor attack.
Adam ran as fast as he could towards Fonzaku City, which at the moment was nothing but a distant blur. Adam was so excited about getting his 7th badge, he could barely keep a straight face.

"We're almost there, guys!" Adam told the Pokeballs, connected to his belt.

He could almost feel the aroma of Fonzaku's beautiful flowers, it was almost like it was in his grasp.

As he ran, he turned his head to the right, looking straight at a ranch, with two people near the entrance.

Adam stopped, attempting to listen to what they where saying, as he felt himself moving closer to the two.

"I've said it once, and I wont say it again! Hand over all your Pokemon!" Said a funny looking man, in a strange, dark purple uniform.

"Never! These Pokemon are my friends! You will never take them! Over my dead body!"
Said the other man, with a face as red as a Cheri Berry.

"Tsk! So be it!"
Then the man in the purple uniform pushes the other man into the lake behind him.

"Hey, you!"
Adam called out, "What do you think you're doing?"

"None of your business, kid, now get lost!" He shouted.

The man in the purple uniform pulls a Pokeball from his belt, and flings it towards Adam.

"Houndoom, burn him to a crisp!" He shouted.

"Quickly Jellicent, Hydro Pump!" Adam shouts, throwing a Pokeball into the air.

Houndoom appears from one of the Pokeballs, launching a large amount of fire from it's mouth. Adam's Jellicent also appears from the second Pokeball, countering Houndoom's attack with Hydro Pump.

"Alright, Houndoom! Use Crunch!" Said the man in the purple uniform.

Houndoom leaped towards Jellicent, biting it with it's massive jaws, then throwing the Jellicent to the ground.

"Jellicent!" Adam called out, as his Pokemon fell to the ground, with swirly eyes.

"Game over, kid." The man in the purple uniform, removing the hood that had covered his face in darkness.

It was the Team Meteor Commander Grant.

Suddenly, 10 more Team Meteor grunts appear from the trees behind Adam, surrounding him.

"Take care of him." Grant says, as the Grunts send out their Pokemon, that leap straight towards Adam.

"Whimsicott! Moonblast!" said a mysterious voice, coming from the distance.

A sudden blast of Pink light flashes flings Adam off his feet, and into a bush.

The Team Meteor Grunts all groaned in a pile over to the side. Grant stood still, shocked.

"Oh! Terribly sorry, my dear boy!" Said that mysterious voice again.

Adam felt himself being pulled out of the bush and onto the lush, green grass.

"Are you alright?" Said the man.

"Yeah, I'm fine... who are you?" Adam asked.

"My name's Connor, Gym Leader of Fonzaku City Gym!" Connor said, smiling.

Adam pulled himself up, then looked towards Grant, who was staring down at his Houndoom, who seems to have taken most of the blast.

"You sir, are going away for a very long time." Connor said to Grant, just as multiple Officer Jenny pulled up.

An Hour passed, and Grant and the Grunts where driven away into the distance.

Adam sat on the wooden fence, feeding all his Pokemon.

Jellicent, Larvesta, Lucario, Zebstrika and Lilligant ate happily. Adam smiled, you always enjoyed seeing his Pokemon happy, it was one of the best feelings.

"Uh, Adam, was it? I wanted to ask of yooOOAAAAAH!" Said Connor before landing face-first into the floor.

"Connor! You alright?"
Adam asked, pulling Connor up off the floor.

"Yeah... I'm fine, I just wanted to ask if you'd like to accompany me while I investigate inside the Ranch? I feel as if something is hiding within this place..."
Connor asked.

"Of course! That would be awesome!" Adam said, excitedly.

Adam and Connor made their way towards the Ranch, completely oblivious of what was about to happen...