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Traveler's Journal: Entry 7

by Lukenblaz

Lukenblaz Yay seventh chapter
"Are you telling me there is no-one in this entire building who has the gift of healing? There are over 500 people in the building alone. How can not a single one of them not be able to heal Max?"
"Well there is one but she doesn't fully control her powers yet."
"I do not care. Go get her."
Ungh... Where am I? Who is this girl...? I tried to open my eyes but I did not have the strength. Well I always liked sitting still. Using my gift I looked for blue forms. Currently there was 1. I wonder if I can speak... What the hell? I can't move my lips. What did the monster do to me? Was I poisoned?
The door was opened and 2 more blue forms entered.
"Oh no. What happened to him?" I recognized that voice. Is that... Lavender?
"Max was attacked in the forest. He managed to kill his attacker but not before it bit his shoulder. We hoped you could use your gift to heal him. It seems that when he was bit the beast also had a venom that paralyzed him."
"I can try." One of the blue forms moved closer and put their hands above me. I felt feeling rush into my muscles slowly at first. Sinew in my shoulder began to repair and poison began to dissipate. I opened my eyes and noticed Lavender was standing over me. As soon as Lavender saw my eyes open she hugged me.
"Max? I was worried! You didn't come back from the forest when you usu-"
"How long was I out."
"4 days." Morgen replied. Dammit. I didn't get to give Lavender her present.
"Do you know what attacked me?"
"It was one of them."
"I thought they were going to be here in two years."
"This was only a scout. If all of them have venom like that this war may be harder than we originally thought."
"War? What are you talking about?" Lavender replied.
Morgen then proceeded to tell Lavender about the other planet.
"This can't be good. What will we do?"
"We will be ready as we can." I sat up and walked out the door. After that I went outside to examine the corpse. It was still there on the ground. I opened it's jaw and broke one of the large fangs off. I ran back to the room and gave the fang to Morgen.
"Make an antidote." Then I left for the forest.
I first went to the clearing and looked for tracks. To the north I could see a tree toppled over in a generally straight path. The path led to another clearing and within I saw a crater. If this is how they land... We could be in serious trouble. I returned to my room and threw myself into my bed.
When are they really going to attack? Will I be ready?

End of Chapter 7