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Demon Slayer Chronicles: The Crimson Mist Demon Part 5: A demon's closure

by ThAtGuY101

ThAtGuY101 Ren had spent several days traveling, seen all sorts of demons, and what how becoming demonic has effected people. Ren continues his journey with more understanding of the situation he is in. His journey has nearly come to an end. The weary demon seeks rest after a long journey. After this episode, some time in the distant future, the actual RP begins.

I've already considered making a post-story for Dolan Larch the demon slayer. He was the child in the Namahage Sedo festival, and now that the RP has ended, what fate does the young demon slayer face? If you see another demon slayer related written work from me, then it'll be Dolan Larch's story for sure. Though let's not get too far ahead of ourselves... This episode is still about Ren's journey. I may also write Ren a post-RP story as well since its extremely unlikely the RP will gain a sequel.
It was still night time, dark outside. When Ren hid in the barn, there were animals in the barn. Horses, goats, chickens, sheep, and even a mule. Whoever owned this place had a lot of animals. A dog began barking, but not at Ren, instead it was barking as a random bird fly by. An older gentleman came outside. He looked to be in his mid fifties. His hair was dark brown, but fading. A man of average build. He wore a clothes that seemed common amongst farmers. Though with the barn and the animals that should have been a given.

The man came into the barn to check on his animals. Ren hid behind the hay bale when he saw the man. Unexpected, one of the rotting floor boards broke, alerting the man to Ren's presence. The old man was startled but not afraid. He just happened to have his crossbow with him, he carefully loaded a cross bolt into his crossbow, "Who's there? Your one of them Hinkler boys, I take it? I told you to stop coming over here drunk in the middle of the night. Go on, show yourself" Ren could either leave, come out slowly, or just flat out kill the old man. It probably wouldn't be that hard. Who would miss this old man? Ren didn't want to hurt the man, but he couldn't help but imagine what it would be like to use his blood magic to kill the old man, and eat his flesh. The notion was both revolting and alluring at the same time. The feeling was too much.

Ren stepped out of the shadow, the man got a good hard look at Ren. A pale demon in ripped clothes. The man spit to the ground, "The hell happened to you, and why are you in my barn?" The old man said.

Ren didn't wanna be the type of demon Twitchy or Matilda were. Rather than give in to his base instincts, he rejected them. He continued to suppress them. It was difficult, but he was slowly starting to really come into his own. He felt more comfortable simply being himself. He didn't need to be a killer, even if part of him still desired it.

"Speak up" The old man said now becoming irritated by Ren's lack of response. Not wanting to escalate things Ren decided to comply, he looked at the old man. His lips moved but the words didn't come out. So many thoughts flooded his mind, and he just couldn't turn them into words. He nearly started crying right there on the spot.

"Sorry, I'll be leaving soon, I just needed some rest. I can leave now" Ren said.
The old man let out a sigh before shaking his head in disbelief.
"I can't let you leave. Not in them torn up rags... I used to have a son years ago... Maker bless his soul... I think he had some clothes that looked to be around your size. lemme go inside and check... Go back inside dear..." The old man said.

An old woman around the same age as the man. She worn a long gown, and her hair was pale blonde. She looked friendly, so did the old man after Ren spoke to him. It felt odd, Ren could kill them after all. He was a demon. A cold blooded killer, and these people were treating him like an average person. Ren hadn't felt this feeling in a while.

The woman looked concerned, "You look like you could use a nice hot meal and a cozy bed to sleep in" She said. Ren thought about the offer. Such a bold thing to offer, even to a regular human stranger, such a offer seemed too welcoming. Ren couldn't spend the night and risk sun light. Soon the woman left, and the man returned. He had clean clothes. They obviously seemed relatively worn, but they were much better than the clothes Ren currently had. He graciously accepted them, and changed behind the hay bale. The old woman came not long after and offered him some food. He laughed at the notion of eating human food, but didn't tell them why. He graciously accepted the food. The taste of the food was bittersweet to Ren. He did not need food, but he gave the old couple the illusion of him enjoying the food.

The three didn't speak long since the old couple needed their rest. They insisted Ren could stay in the barn, and Ren agreed, though he left the barn not long after the couple went in the house. Ren left some herbs and berries in a small basket he borrowed from the barn. Sitting the basket in front of the farm house he had hoped the old couple would see this by morning and know it was from him. He left afterwards, and would find himself traveling to a familiar place. The cave that Kishi had brought him to. Life in a cave was not life in a house, but after his adventure, he felt better about himself, and had his fill of socializing for now at least.
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