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Sweet Meloetta

by BrickWall9000+

BrickWall9000+ This is my response to Teapot's challenge. It is my poem ode to my favorite Pokémon, Meloetta. #flashchallenge
A beutiful, powerful, elegant one,
Winning battles with Meloetta can be quite fun.
Its Aria Forme is beautiful, you can't go wrong,
When you kick your opponent's butt with Relic Song.
After Relic Song, your foe is asleep like a mat,
Now seal the deal with Close Combat!
With Pirouette Forme adding extra attack,
Prepare to throw the opposite team WAY of track!
Beautiful, powerful, elegant, great,
Meloetta scores an eight out of eight.
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  1. lilonegia
    I<3 ur kitty!!!
    Sep 10, 2014