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Stat Stadium: Stat Stadium Season 3 Episode 2

by Thieving Fox

Thieving Fox Megaman vs. Kirby, time for their brightest sidekicks to battle it out.
Quiz: They are the brightest (Literally, they're both shining red) of their series, and the main heroes' sidekicks. Easter: The coolest of the hot, their ready to see who's the real red warrior. Quiz: Bandana Dee, Kirby's trusty waddling sidekick. Easter: And Protoman, Megaman's Beta Robot ally! He's Quiz and I'm Easter! Quiz: And we're here to analyze their weapons, armor and skill to see who would win a Stat Showdown.
Waddle Dee
Quiz: Through many Waddle Dees, Bandana Dee has always stood out, having a blue bandana. Easter: Bandana can always be seen hanging around King D. or Kirby, helping them out on many occasions.
Quiz: Dee is one of the strongest things on Popstar, being able to use the Megaton Punch, which can break an entire planet. Though Dee is one of the weakest Megaton Users, he is still very strong. Easter: He's also very nimble, being able to walk across small spots of nothing. He walks on air. And I thought Luigi was jesus...... Quiz: Dee also is able to summon healing items and other weapons from Hammerspace, a magical cartoon substance where you can pull out anything from. Easter: Anything.... Like a gun? Quiz: Yes. Easter: Beer? Quiz: Yes. Easter: Women? Quiz: Ugh, YES. Like other Waddle Dees, he has his own Parasol, Bombs and can charge at foes with a headbutt. Quiz: But Dee goes even further, having his own super form, which happens when he absorbs Dark Matter, where he becomes.... Dark Dee.... Quiz: Dark Dee looks much like a Waddle Dee I standard form, where he can use the beam power up, but another version is where he is surrounded in a black aura and grey body. He is much more powerful in this form, but it only lasts about 5 minutes. Easter: Using his spear, he can fly up in the air using the Spear Copter technique.
Easter: My favourite part! I'm the weapon specialist. Dee can use his spear in many different ways, jabbing at incredible speeds, flying using the Spear Copter, throwing a hundred spears in no time. His next weapon is the Bombs, which he can aim or use like bowling balls. He also his a parasol, which he uses to fly and whack enemies with. His last weapon is the bow, which he an fire arrows with.... yeash. Too simple. Though that's the end of the weapons, he also tends to ride on giant pigs, which are much faster and have a powerful charge.
Quiz: Before Megaman, Protman was originally intent to be the world's first robot able to think on it's own. But, as a proto type, his design was not complete and is probably much weaker then he could've been. Easter: After running away from Dr. Light, he started getting really down and weaker, but was saved by Dr. Wily, who gave him the Proto Shield, his cap, and his trademark visor. Quiz: He worked for the evil doctor until he realizaed his true self in Megaman 3, after meeting his younger brother. He later truned against Wily in Megaman 4, but didn't want any help from Dr. Light.
Quiz: Protoman is weaker and slower the Megaman, but is still very capable, and is quite strong, able to defend himself with the Proto Shield. Other then that, he uses his Proto Buster for a variety of different things. Easter: He also has the Variable Weapon System, which he can use to absorb the abilities from another enemy. However, this only goes to an extent, and only has a few, not much compared to Bass and Megaman's. He only has the Needle Cannon, Magnet Missile, Gemini Laser, Hard Knuckle and Shadow Blade, 3 of them not being very powerful. Quiz: The rest of his weapons are the Big Bang Strike, Proto Strike and Proto Shield Bash.
Quiz: Alright, the combatants are set. Let's end this debate once and for all. But first, let's see our sponsors!
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Bandana Dee pulled out his spear as Protoman pulled out his shield and aimed his blaster. "You're going down, Spear Man. You look smaller than I thought, though." Proto yelled. The orange warrior bounced up and down, glaring.
Sidekick Showdown, FIGHT!
Waddle Dee jabbed Proto, who blocked, then blasted him, which sent Dee flying back, until he landed by scraping his spear, then threw a large bomb at Proto, who was blasted away, but safely landed because of his weight. He launched a Needle Cannon, which nearly went through Dee, if he had not dodged. More spikes came, and he took out his parasol to defend himself, the needles not denting it, like the umbrella was metal. Dee started throwing multiple spears, while Proto blasted them with the Proto Buster. Proto launched the Shadow Blade, as Dee was sent back, and landed on his back. Dee ran at Proto, full speed, and- launched himself at Proto, stumbling back, and his shield fell down. Dee's spear dug into his arm, breaking his arm cannon, until Proto punched him off. Proto realized the disadvantage he had. His range was gone. Dee mentally smirked, then jabbed and jabbed, as Proto blocked, barely avoiding sudden death, as he instantly died to spikes. Dee threw a bomb, but it was bounced off his shield. Proto knew he had to avoid all damage, so he decided to destroy the spear. Dee charged at the robot, but was grabbed and held up, and Proto grabbed his spear and broke it. Dee, angry, threw a bomb, then blew a whistle, which summoned a pig, which he jumped on, and charged at Proto, as the former Robot Master was knocked back, but rammed back into the hog. The two clashed, until Dee secretly jumped off and flew in the air with the Spear Copter. While battling the hog, Proto was hit in the back by a large object. The Proto Type Hero turned around to see Dee wearing a cannon hat, which he was blasting at Protoman. Waddle Dee fired and fired, until he saw Protoman lying down, hurt. Protoman pulled out an energy tank, and he knew what to do. He used it on is arm cannon. He fired a large orange blast at Dee, who panicked and blocked with his umbrella. Waddle Dee jumped in the air and dove down, his spear in a jabbing position. Proto smirked, and blocked it, which broke Dee's other spear. Proto grabbed Waddle Dee, then started repeatedly blasting him. Dee was sent back into a wall, then smashed into by a shield. Waddle Dee, damaged heavily, pulled out a spear, and the two clashed weapons, until Dee flew up, Proto stood his ground. And they charged up their attacks. Dee came crashing down with the Megaton Punch, while Proto aimed his Big Bang Strike. The blast and the fist collided, and a blast came, with Proto Man sinking into the ground and Bandana Dee being pushed up a bit. Suddenly, Proto collapsed, the attack taking effect. Though his strongest attack, it took much out of him. Bandana Dee came crashing down, his fist surrounded in red, as it smashed onto Proto Man. The robot screamed in pain, as he was engulfed in the attack, as Waddle Dee stopped the attack, and a flash appeared. Bandana Dee fell down, tired. He saw that most of Cookie Land was destroyed, and panicked a bit. Kirby loved this place, so he might have to explain the burnt cookies. KO!

Easter: Wow, that was awesome. Quiz: Protoman was of course, the better ranged attacker, but Bandana Dee , though not as much experience, had better strength, speed, and defense. The parasol outclassed the shield in weight, quicker, and can also fly. Easter: Not to mention the strongest attacks of the two had a major difference, as Proto's takes energy out of him, and fast. Looks like Waddle Dee "deed" have the power, after all. Quiz: The winner is Bandana Dee.
Easter: Next time, on Stat Stadium!
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And Louie, Bomberman's Kangaroo Powerhouse.
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