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Spyro the Dragon vs Crash Bandicoot

by Thieving Fox

Thieving Fox
Spyro the Dragon vs Crash Bandicoot
Spyro and Crash were both contenders for the next PSAS, but only one could get in. So, to decide they had to fight. TO THE DEATH. Spyro glared at his Play Station rival and breathed out fire. Crash did the same, except he spun around screaming randomness. They both charged, and Spyro smashed into Crash’s belly. Crash spun and jumped up and started jumping on Spyro. Spyro knocked him off and shot a fireball at Crash. Crash was launched away, but ran forward and spun around fast, punching Spyro continuously until Spyro used his Horn Attack. Crash was flipped over and landed on his head, but spun like a top and kicked Spyro in the face. Spyro growled and bit on Crash’s foot. Crash screamed, flipped back over and punched Spyro forehead. Spyro then glided upwards and dived down, nailing Crash in the chest. Crash spun fast away and took out the Wumpa Bazooka. He began shooting the fruit extremely fast, which Spyro laughed at first, but when a Wumpa landed in his mouth and exploded, Spyro was sent flying away. Spyro began shooting fire streams and ice streams at Crash, who countered with his Wumpa Bazooka. Crash tried running at Spyro to cause some damage up front, but Spyro ended up biting his bazooka and burned it to ashes. Crash yelped, then pulled out his jetpack and flew up. Spyro tried jumping, firing electric streams, but Crash easily dodges and shoots Spyro with his laser handgun. Spyro growls and fires some fire blasts, which Crash still dodges and punches Spyro in the face. Crash then grabs Spyro and flies up. Spyro screams as Crash flies up, then flies down, putting Spyro in front of him like a shield. Though Spyro takes all the damage, the jetpack blows up from impact. Spyro then uses all of his Dragon Ki and sends out his strongest attack. The Chi Roar. Just as it hits Crash, he puts on Aku Aku, becoming Super Crash. Crash, invincible, tanks the Chi Roar and dashes around, slamming into Spyro. Crash then jumps up and fires an energy sphere, which Spyro narrowly dodges and fires a fiery blast. Crash runs through it and teleports in front of Spyro, and just as he is about to finish Spyro by spinning so fast Spyro is shredded, Aku Aku falls off and Spyro burns the mask. Spyro grins and rams into Crash, while running and smashes into a sharp rock, which impales Crash in the chest. Crash’s dead body is then frozen, then from moving ever so slightly, breaks into thousands of pieces. Spyro sighs then walks away, happy that he won.
This fight’s winner is:
  1. ClaireMax
    ...WHY SO MANY
    May 25, 2015