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Ennen Creatures: Set 24

by NonAnalogue

ennen creatures 24.png
NonAnalogue I haven’t done a set of these in like a year and a half. That is entirely too long. So now this is my first drawing of 2017.

Left to right:

The postache appears to be nothing more than a sentient mass of hair, though experts in the field are “pretty certain” there’s an actual living creature under there. Due to its benign, lackadaisical nature, it’s not unheard of for people to find out that they’ve been wearing a postache instead of a wig - but the postache can sometimes go for several hours without being noticed. Postaches are often prey for wardrobbers. Element: heat

The termight is a pest common to farms and rural homes. With their oversized fists, they punch through wood, breaking off pieces to eat. They grow a metal-like carapace around parts of their body to defend from predators. Though they’re small, termights can be headaches for would-be exterminators - their blows are significantly more powerful than their size would suggest, and even just a few of them working together can bring someone to their knees. Element: metal

The keh-ys is a creature steeped in myth - its name even comes from Old Kenban words meaning ‘sleeping’ and ‘mysterious’. It was named such by the ancient sage Ih-Sri, who also said, “Everything and all things - the keh-ys is the fulcrum.” Nobody is quite sure what he meant by that, but there is speculation that the keh-ys has some relation to the bygone Aisling people due to their studies into sleeping and unconsciousness. The keh-ys sleep a majority of the day; their third eye only opens during that time to keep watch for threats. Elements: balance, surprise
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