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Return of Team Rocket: Return of Team Rocket: Chapter Four (The Rescue)

by Fishykarp

Fishykarp Aidan and Angel undertake the Third Test while Agent Seer launches a rescue mission. Will Aidan be able to maintain his allegiance to the Rockets while also helping Seer?
It was late in the afternoon when Aidan and Angel got their next mission. “Guard Duty” David had said “If you want to be a Rocket, you need to be good at standing in one place for a long time guarding things, especially the lower levelled grunts”
Around two hours before the Test, Aidan was pulled aside by Will, whom he now knew as Seer. “Listen closely” Seer said “I need you to not raise the alarm when the other agents come in.”
“Sure” said Aidan “But what do we get from it?”
“I don't know yet” said Seer “I heard that there if a fourth test, which is Pokemon battling. If you do this, I might go easy and you will have a higher chance to get into the organisation”
“You have yourself a deal” Aidan whispered “but if you betray us, your secret is out”
Seer just laughed “We know all about you Mr Rohe, where you come from, where you live, and where your wife is at this very moment”
Aidan felt himself grow cold. It seemed that he had no choice

One hour and forty-five minutes later, Aidan and Angel were ready at the back gates of the Rocket Base. “Security is of the utmost importance” David said “Will and Seb, your guard had ended, good job out there” Aidan and Angel walked out onto the field. They turned and saw Seer flash a faint light in their direction, one that David would not be able to notice, but anyone in the field would be able to see clearly.
Within fifteen minutes, Aidan saw movement, but pretended not to notice. Five minutes later he heard something hit the left side of the field. “Go check that out” he told Angel “I’ll be watching the other end”
“It’s probably a trick” Angel said “someone trying to break in”
“It is” Aidan whispered “Someone is coming to rescue Amy”
Angel understood and without a word went to check out the noise. Aidan heard a scream coming from the hill and then saw three Interpol members running towards him. He pretended to run towards the emergency button and trip. Only getting up when it was too late. He felt his arms being tied behind his back but didn't struggle. He watched the Interpol run out again, with Amy behind them. He gave a quick wink to her and she smiled back. He could see Seer watching from a window and winked to him too.
“Sorry about that” David told Aidan when he got untied “I should have realised that they would have come for her”
“Sorry for not being able to sound the alarm” Aidan apologised “I should have been quicker”
“No” said David “Its fine, now go get some sleep for tomorrow, you have a big day ahead of you”
“Thank you” Seer said the next time they saw eachother “The thing about your wife was a bluff by the way”
“Good” Aidan replied “But your promise still stands”
“Sure” said Seer “But Sebastian doesn't know that”
Aidan’s spirits fell as he remembered Sebastian “I guess I will have to work hard after all” he told himself
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