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Renamon vs Lucario Part 1

by Thieving Fox

Thieving Fox
Lucario vs Renamon Part 1
Lucario leaped through the forest, traveling to his trainer’s grave. Lucario was almost there, but he then sensed a challenging aura. He closed his eyes, than caught a blue shard of energy that came flying at him. Lucario looked behind his shoulder and saw Renamon smirking at him. “So…you are the one that sent the attack.” Lucario guessed, and the yellow fox nodded. “I’ve heard of you….And I came to end your winning streak!” Renamon shouted. Lucario growled. “This is not the best time, fox.” Lucario said, but then dodged a barrage of energy diamonds. Lucario sighed. “So be it….” Lucario hummed. Renamon charged at the aura jackal and punched him in the face. Lucario grunted and did an uppercut. Renamon jumped back, than used Diamond Storm. Lucario used Bone Rush and blocked all of them. Lucario than ran forward and slammed them on Renamon. Renamon grabbed one and swung it at Lucario, who deflected it with his other. Lucario swung it around than whammed it on Renamon’s noggin. Lucario than used Double Team, and 14 clones surrounded Renamon. Lucario used Force Palm, sending Renamon back a bit. Renamon’s hands glowed blue, than started punching the Lucario repeatedly. The aura jackal clones laughed, than all shot an Aura Sphere at Renamon. She jumped up in the air and disappeared. The Lucario smirked, than used Foresight. They saw Renamon behind them and quickly used Dragon Pulse. Renamon was sent flying back, and then saw The Lucario running at her. Renamon used Diamond Storm, which hit the clones, making them dissipate. Lucario grunted, a diamond shard stabbing his arm. Renamon then dropkicked the Jackal Pocket Monster, which Lucario blocked and twisted her leg. Renamon screamed, than was hit by an Aura Sphere. Lucario continued firing his signature attack, each hitting Renamon with full force. Lucario finally finished it off with another Aura Sphere, this time the attack being charged. The blast sent Renamon flying into a boulder. Lucario sighed, than started walking away. He stopped when he heard something. “Renamon digivolve too……..KYUBIMON!!!!” Lucario heard. He swished around to see a nine tailed fox that looked like Renamon standing next to the smashed boulder, charging up a blue fireball.