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The Insane Asylum: (Reboot) #21

by NonAnalogue

NonAnalogue And here we see the triumphant return of the fourth-wall-breaking jokes.

Appropriately enough, this was the last Insane Asylum ever made. I never continued it from here, nor did I ever reboot it. This comic was made in August of 2010, so just over five years ago.

This isn't the last thing I ever made, though. If you liked The Insane Asylum, I'm running a series of interactive comics starring many of the same characters - Blue, Azure (now using his real name - Palmer - not his nickname), and Celeste among them. The first comic was called Take Ten, found here. Then there was an intermission here, and then I picked back up with Take X, which is found here and is still running. So if you liked The Insane Asylum, check out those comics! You'll probably like them too.

Thanks for following me through all of these comics! The Insane Asylum was a big part of my life for five years - from 2005 to 2010. During that time, I graduated from both high school and college, and you can really see how my sense of humor has evolved.

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