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Pokemon: Caden Ketchum: POKEMON: Adventures of Caden Ketchum


KINGGPR Caden catches some cool pokemon and battles his rival
Chapter 2
Having finally leaving pallet town, Caden went to route one determined to catch his first pokemon. He spoted a very small pidgey only at level 1 being very weak he simply through a pokeball at it and caught it. "Great," he thought, "now I can train it to level 18 and have it evolve to pidgeotto." He started with wild pokemon and then he moved up to other trainers, defeating them all, by the end of this his team was Bulbasaur, Pidgey, Rattata, Metapod, and Nidoran male. He was ready to head to Viridian City when he heard a all to familiar voice say, "Hey Caden is that you, wait up!" Caden turned around to run away but it was to late! "Greetings Caden," the boy said, "just as stupid looking as ever i see." "Good to see you too Jermia," said Caden. Jermia had always been a long time rival of Caden's taking every chance he could to be mean to the boy, not only was Jermia mean but he had rich parents give him everything he wanted so he didn't understand the worth of a dollar. "No time for talk lets battle," said Jermia, "my starter pokemon is the best one my money could buy, plus I caught some strong pokemon on my own as well." "Fine," said Caden, "if it will make you be quiet sure."

"Go Nidoran female," said Jermia. "Go Bulbasaur ," said Caden. Caden knew he could win but only if he used his speed to hit fast and hard so he made a plan. "Use vine whip full speed," Caden yelled. "Dodge it," yelled Jermia, but Bulbasaur was to fast and hit Nidoran 3 times in a row, it was super effective and took out Nidoran. "Fine," Jermia grumbled, "go Pikachu, and use iron tail!" Bulbasaur was off gaurd as it struck him in the head taking him out. "Good job Bulbasaur, now have a good rest," said Caden, "go Nidorino Male." "Use dig," he said as nidoran went underground. "Look out be-," Jermia couldn't finish his sentence because Nidoran popped up and took out Pikachu. Jermia, to angry for words just sent out kakuna and told it, "just keep using harden," so Nidoran just kept using double kick
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