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PKMN Black 2 Wedlocke Part 1

by gamer2332

gamer2332 A Pokemon Wedlocke challenge with a Ham-Ham twist.
Our story starts of in Aspertia City, where we can see a little girl, by the name of Maria, taking a short walk outside her house. After a short while, a little tone starts playing. She answers the item attached to her wrist.
"Hello? Who's this?" Maria starts to speak. "...ah, if it isn't Aurea Juniper, the Pokemon Professor! What are you calling me for? ...A Pokedex? For Bijou? Well, I suppose she does need to go on an adventure, what, being stuck in a cage for so long. ...look for a girl named Bianca with a green hat... OK, I'll tell her." She hangs up and walks back into the house.
"Hey, Bijou, are you awake?" A room right next to the front door has a little cage that is inside. A little white hamster with blue ribbons attached wakes up. "Yes, who is it?" She proceeds to exit the cage and walk towards the front door. "Ah, Bijou, you're awake, yes?"
"Ah, Maria! What are you doing here?" (Yes, they can talk to each other! It would be a kind of difficult Pokemon story if they couldn't, right?)
"I'm here to tell you some exciting news! I was just talking to Professor Juniper, and she told me that you can go on a journey through the Unova region! Now, I have some questions for you... First of all, do you want a Pokemon?" "Why, of course I do! It would definitely help me explore, this having WAY more dangers than cats back at home... and chickens!" "OK, then, do you know what a Pokedex is?" "Yes, it's that thing that records data when you catch a Pokemon, right?" "Yep, you're getting it! Now, finally, do you want a Pokedex?" "Why, yes, of course I want to have a Pokedex!" "OK, so you're ready to get going and start your journey! So, you're looking for a person named Bianca! She has a green hat." "Wait, are we talking about..." "No, we are not! Oh, while we are here, take this!" Maria gives Bijou a tiny bag that fits around her. "I put your Cross-Transceiver in there, too! Now, good luck finding Bianca!"
Bijou runs out the mini door next to the front door. Upon exiting, she finds Hamtaro, her best friend, and secret crush... Oh, did I say something?
"Hey, Bijou!" Hamtaro says, "How's it going?"
"Oh, Hamtaro! I'm just going to find someone named Bianca! She's going to give me a Pokemon!"
The human girl next to Hamtaro starts to speak. Her name is Laura, and she is Hamtaro's owner. "Listen, if you get a Pokemon, take very very good care of it!" After she says that Hamtaro hesitates to talk. "...yes, she's right! Anyway, let's see if we can find her!"
"She should be on Aspertia Outlook, because that view is beautiful!" Bijou says. They climb the stairs to find...
"Oh, the view is so pretty from up here!" The girl with a green hat starts to say. "Um, excuse me, miss? I'm Bijou and I'm looking for a person..."
The girl interrupts Bijou, "Ah, so you're this Bijou I was talking about! I was expecting someone more... human, though! Anyway, my name is Bianca! You're here for your Pokemon, right?"
Bijou nods with an affirming, "Yep-p!"
"OK, but first, here's your Pokedex!" A slide-out system was handed to Bijou. "I probably don't need to tell you this, but the Pokedex is used to record data on captured Pokemon, but that's not all..." Bianca pulls out a glass tube. 3 Pokeballs are inside. "Ta da! The Pokemon in here will be your first partner! Choose one!" Bijou takes a look at the 3 Pokemon. One of them was a snake-like person with an attitude. Bijou recalls it almost immediately! The second Pokemon was a strange otter-like creature with a shell on its stomach. Bijou then released the third Pokemon: A pig that breathes fire out of its nose. Bijou took a while to determine the Pokemon from the last 2. "I think I'll go with that pig!" It does a couple of flips. "Ah, so you choose Tepig? OK, then, here you go!"
Hamtaro pops up out of nowhere! "Bijou, are you sure this is where Bianca is..."
"Um, that would be me." Bianca says.
"Oh, sorry, I didn't know! Anyway, my name's Hamtaro, and I'm a friend of Bijou!" "Really, then... It's nice to meet you, Hamtaro! So, you two were looking for me?" "Nope, Bijou was, but I tagged along to help with the search! Hey, what's that?" Hamtaro is looking at the otter-creature. "That's an Oshawott! If you want to go on a journey, your owner will have to agree, first, though!" Laura comes out of nowhere. "Of course I want him to go! He hasn't really gone out that much, after the move, but this will really help him out! Hamtaro, I'll get you some stuff to help you on your journey! Stay with Bianca and Bijou!" Bianca starts talking again. "OK, now that you've been confirmed to start your journey, it's time for you to choose your Pokemon!" Hamtaro calls out the grass snake, and gets scared because of it! He recalls it almost immediately! "OK, then, not that one! I guess I'll go with that one, currently called out!" The critter jumps in happiness! "You will choose Oshawott? OK, then, I'll also give you a Pokedex, since your going out on a journey! It will record any Pokemon you catch!" "OK, I got it!" Hamtaro says with a nod. "Hey, now that you two have Pokemon, you 2 should have a battle, together!" Bijou and Hamtaro nod at each other in agreement! "Are you ready, Bijou?" "I'm ready when you are, Hamtaro!" After a short battle, Bijou comes out victorious! Bijou's Tepig cries out in happiness!
"Wow, Bijou, your first battle, and you are already battling like a champ!" "OK, guys, now that that's over, let me tell you about the Pokemon Center close by." The 3 enter the Pokemon Center. "OK, so first, we have this counter! This girl will heal your Pokemon for free!" The girl behind the counter starts to speak. "Hey, there! I can heal your Pokemon now, if you like, just hand me its Pokeballs." Hamtaro and Bijou do so. "OK, your Pokemon are all healed! Have a nice day!" Bianca brings the team to a computer stand. "This is the PC. Use it to organize the Pokemon in your boxes!" "What's a box?" Hamtaro and Bijou say at the same time. "Boxes are what your Pokemon go to if you catch a Pokemon when your party is full! You can have up to 6 Pokemon! Anyway, finally, we have the Poke Mart." The team heads to the counter where a person is standing behind. "The Poke Mart is just that: You can buy stuff here, including Pokeballs, used to capture Pokemon. Oh, right! Before I forget, here are some Pokeballs." Bianca hands each Ham-Ham 10 balls each. "OK, then, I'll teach you how to use them to capture a Pokemon! Head to Route 21!" Both of the Ham-Hams head out of the Pokemon Center.