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A Normal Pokémon Journey: Part 4: Bug off!

by ThAtGuY101

ThAtGuY101 The story of a pokemon trainer named Friedrich "Fritz" Kaiser who travels from Goldenrod City to the National Park With his two pokémon Aloi and Gitchi.
As Fritz made his way from Goldenrod city he made his way through the checkpoint. As soon as he walked outside the checkpoint door he stopped as he saw a spectacular sight to behold. The route 35 National Park. There was a large stone pathway with many spectators and visitors coming from all sorts of places to see the phenomenal sights. Large trees that dotted the grassy fields ,and lights that illuminated the park at night. It was currently afternoon ,and the lights had lit the park up most beautifully. The moonlit sky shined down on an almost cloudless night sky ,and a group of butterfree could be seen flying over the treeline into the distance. There were many pokémon that called the National Park home. So many of these pokémon were bugs. As Fritz made his way further into the National Park he noticed a group of people surrounding the massive fountain that stood within the center of the park. Fritz didn't have much of a clue as to what they were up to when one of the people there was none other than Bugsy! The gym leader from Fritz's hometown in Azalea Town. The two immediately recognized one another, "Fritz? is that you? What are you doing here?! Did your dad really agree to let you travel on an adventure all by yourself?! that's crazy! I mean great! Did you come here to see the bug competition?! I just got first place with this pincer here... pretty cool huh?" Bugsy said. Friedrich smiled as he listened to him talk, "I completely forgot they had those out here... Its been a while since I traveled to Goldenrod City so I don't get to come to the National Park often" Friedrich said.

The two continued talking for quite a while about bug pokémon and the National Park. Friedrich even took the opportunity to show Bugsy the two pokémon he had gotten so far on his journey. Bugsy was surprised to see that Fritz had already collected two pokémon since leaving Azalea town ,and one of them was a shiny pokémon no less. Bugsy took this as a moment of realization to become a better bug type trainer himself. The two chuckled as they eventually parted ways. As the conversation had ended Friedrich had looked up to see the moon looming over the mostly quiet peaceful park. It wasn't completely quiet as bugs throughout the park could be heard buzzing and screeching from trees to tall grass they roamed, climbed ,and even flew throughout the park. The different sounds of bugs coming from different directions all at once almost sounded beautiful. Despite this Friedrich was considerably nervous as he needed to navigate through the woods and eventually make his way to Ecruteak City Where he could stay the night at a motel. Friedrich smiled to the idea of enjoying a warm mean, a warm bath, and a cool bed to sleep in. As Friedrich walked down the street he began daydreaming. Without realizing it he began walking off the stone pathway ,and into the tall grass. He wondered what sort of food he wanted to get in Ecruteak City as he pondered the different meals he would want to eat. Without a moments notice he had bonked his head onto a kakuna. He snapped back into reality only to realize he was looking at a large group of kakuna. There were atleast a dozen of them staring back at friedrich. Within an instance Aloi jumped up transforming into a green kakuna. The other kakuna looked at the green kakuna with slight confusion. They looked at each other for a moment before Friedrich decided to pick up Aloi ,and attempt to make a run for it.

As Friedrich left Aloi eventually transformed back into a ditto. He was more than happy to see that the kakuna didn't attack them or evolve into beedrill. Before Friedrich could make his way back to the pathway he saw a scyther run straight towards him ,and past him? He couldn't believe what he saw as a scyther and a kricketune had engaged in a battle. The two were fiercely battling head to head. Neither side seemed to have a clear advantage against the other. Friedrich saw the battle ,and wasn't sure whether he should attempt to break up the fight or leave it be. Before Friedrich could overthink the situation a venomoth flew over his head using sleep powder which quickly put the two pokémon to sleep. A few moments later Friedrich felt a pat on his shoulder. As he turned he saw a park ranger give a big grin. Friedrich smiled when he saw the park ranger, "Gotta be careful out here... They might be bugs ,but bugs can be pretty dangerous given the opportunity. Just something to take into consideration when you go this far into the park" The man said. The two chatted up a storm about the park ,and eventually Friedrich decided to ask the man for directions to Ecruteak City. The man was happy enough to assist him in directions.

On his way to Ecreteak City he saw the strangest sight right between route 36 and 37. There was a sudowoodo standing in the middle of the road. It showed no sign of moving ,and Friedrich might have almost mistaken it for a tree if it weren't for two facts; he had seen sudowoodo before and known what they looked like. Also it was smiling at him. Friedrich smiled handing the sudowoodo a poffin ,and walked around it as he continued his path to Ecreteak City.