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OC's: New Pones

by Star.Prince

Cold Cool and Happy Health.png
Star.Prince Cold Cool Info
Quote: You can NEVER be too cool, my good friend.
Parents: Minuette and Double Diamond
Talent: Cosplay
Residence: Manehattan
Minuette-He hardly would talk to his mom. He was usually with his father, but the two still seemed to maintain a healthy relationship, even after a certain divorce.
Double Diamond-He ADMIRED his father more than anyone. He was so cool to him. His father and him have the best relationship. Though he doesn't see either of his parents anymore.
Caramel-He isn't sure what his relationship with Caramel is, when he was younger, Caramel seemed to be the only one that supported him in his cosplaying. He still is, though they don't talk that much.
Happy Health- He gets along with his sister so poorly. She is more focused on everyone but her family and maintaining a happy image for herself she hardly ever talks to her family.
Backstory: Cold Cool is the older sibling to Happy Health. Minuette and Double Diamond WERE married, but soon realized that their marriage wasn't going to work after a year or so. To cope Cold Cool would dress up as different characters from shows or musicals that he would watch. He would also cosplay as book characters. Soon his "silly dressing up" became quite famous. He even designs (but has someone else make) his own costumes and clothes. His sister and him usually got along when they were VERY young. After a while, of you know being on their own (a while being a few months) they got into an argument. He now lives with a friend of his and usually only writes to his father about how he's doing.

Happy Health Info
Quote: You need to relax, concentrate on what makes YOU happy. Not me.
Parents: Minuette and Caramel
Talent: Therapist
Minuette-She would help both her parents with some of the problems that they had, even when she was younger. Though she would talk to her mother a lot more than her father. Though she actually liked both of her parents equally. She has the best relationship with her mother though.
Caramel-She has a healthy relationship with her father.
Cold Cool-Used to be healthy, ruined by a huge argument about how she was thinking about only other peoples life's without thinking about her own.
Backstory: A few years after her mother and Double Diamond divorced, Minuette started to date Caramel, after a year they decided to get married. After they thought Cool Cold got over everything, they decided to have a child together. And so became Happy Health. Happy Health was always helping others with their mental health, but never thought of her own. Thus resulted in an argument about what she should do about it with her brother. She still lives in Ponyvillle, mostly because she has some great clients and she doesn't want to leave them behind if they would need help.

Art is mine, but I adopted them from https://www.deviantart.com/dudleybrittany1399 (DudleyBrittany1399 on DeviantArt)